Katt Williams Says ‘It’s Almost Cheating For Me’ In A Verzuz Battle Against Kevin Hart

Katt Williams, Kevin Hart

Katt Williams Says ‘It’s Almost Cheating For Me’ In A Verzuz Battle Against Kevin Hart

Comedian and actor Katt Williams, 50, doesn’t think a comedy Verzuz against actor and comedian Kevin Hart would be a fair match.

Katt Williams

In a recent interview, the Friday After Next star said that he started Verzuz, sharing that he and fellow comedian, Steve Harvey, went head to head a long time before.

Steve Harvey

On a possible Verzuz battle, Williams said,

“The first Verzuz ever promoted was Steve Harvey versus Katt Williams. It was the underground Kings of Comedy Verzuz. So, we don’t need to ask me if I would have any interest in things that I was the originator of. Comedically beefing is my lane.”


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He added,

It’s almost cheating for me. I have over 10 specials, I don’t have to pick but two jokes from each special and I’ve already deaded anyone whose last name isn’t Pryor anyway. We don’t wanna add 52 movies, we certainly don’t wanna add 11 specials, we certainly don’t wanna add 49 television appearances, we don’t wanna add an Emmy. It’s almost a battle we can’t really afford to be in. It probably don’t matchup the way you think it match up.”

Although there is no indication of a comedic Verzuz battle, fans of the two comedians have been discussing the possibility since a user asked who would win.

Following Katt Williams’ interview, fans went back to express their thoughts of the hypothetical battle.

Here are some of their reactions.


Would do you think would win between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Authored by: Ellori Nicole