R. Kelly’s Former Assistant Denies Recruiting Women For Singer + Claims She Never Did Anything Wrong: I Think I Would Have Done Things The Same Way

R. Kelly’s Former Assistant Denies Recruiting Women For Singer + Claims She Never Did Anything Wrong: I Think I Would Have Done Things The Same Way

R. Kelly‘s former assistant has denied any wrongdoing as the singer’s sex trafficking trial continues.

Earlier today (Friday, Sept. 17th), R. Kelly‘s former assistant–Diana Copeland–shared her account of working with the disgraced singer. Diana Copeland was R. Kelly‘s assistant for about 16 years, and she’s remained largely silent about the star’s current scandal.

She initially spoke on R. Kelly‘s personality, claiming:

“He’s charismatic, and I think that’s one of the reasons why people kind of say he has two personalities. Because when you meet him, he’s a really personable person. If you see him angry, that’s a whole different person. “

Diana Copeland then dished on some of R. Kelly‘s expectations for people within his home. Specifically, she revealed R. Kelly had strict rules about guests not being allowed to roam his house:

“He would have live-in girlfriends. They had their own rooms. Guests would just come and maybe sit in the studio with him. He had like three properties, and on those properties there was like a certain decorum that was expected. He pretty much didn’t want not just the girls to move around, but he didn’t want anybody to be able to just roam his house like a museum.”

R. Kelly

She then proceeded to reference the singer’s current trial, where she testified earlier this week. Copeland stated:

“They asked me during the trial, ‘Did you notice their reaction with males?’ And I did. They didn’t want to speak to the males. In fact, they would sometimes ask me to interact with the males… I don’t know if they were told [not to speak to the males], but I would say that you could pretty much surmise that that was probably the case.”

She added that she ultimately only saw one side of R. Kelly and that his actions never raised red flags:

“I know Robert the family man, the businessman. His personal life is Robert’s personal life. My job stops at the threshold of his bedroom door.”

Shortly thereafter, the interviewer pointed out that Diana Copeland was responsible for making travel arrangements for various women who visited R. Kelly. In response, she claimed none of the women she interacted with were underage. Copeland then added:

“He’s never asked me [to recruit women]. But at the time he was R. Kelly–a mega superstar. He needed no help. Absolutely no help to recruit women or to get women.”

Diana Copeland wrapped up her claims by stating:

“Looking back, I think I would have done things the same way I did. I don’t think that anything that I did was wrong and I also don’t think that anything that I could have done could have changed what Robert did.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley