R. Kelly Accused Of Trapping, Drugging & Raping A Radio Intern When She Tried To Interview Him In 2003

R. Kelly Accused Of Trapping, Drugging & Raping A 21-Year-Old Radio Intern When She Tried To Interview Him In 2003

As R. Kelly‘s sex trafficking trial goes on, more and more horrifying allegations continue to come to light.

Yesterday (Thursday, Sept. 9th), another alleged victim took the stand at R. Kelly‘s sex trafficking trial. During her testimony, the woman–referred to as Sonja–revealed she was allegedly trapped and sexually assaulted by R. Kelly back in 2003. At the time, the woman was a 21-year-old radio intern in Salt Lake City, Utah with a young child.

According to Sonja, her ordeal began once she reached out to R. Kelly‘s team for an interview, claiming:

“It would have been my very first huge celebrity interview. I thought it would kick-start my career.”


After briefly meeting R. Kelly at a Utah-based event, she was invited to his Chicago studio. Once she arrived, however, Sonja was greeted by an employee who asked if she needed a condom. The employee also allegedly had Sonja sign an NDA, show her ID, and give them her cellphone. Sonja then claimed she was left in a windowless room that was “locked from the outside.” She was also told she needed to ask for permission to be allowed to use the restroom.

Regarding the situation, Sonja said:

“I was scared, I was ashamed. I was embarrassed.”

She was then allegedly left without any food or water for at least two days. Eventually, Sonja claims she was given Chinese takeout and a soda for a meal. However, after just a couple bites, she allegedly passed out.

Once she regained consciousness, she found herself naked with “wet stuff” on her thighs. Sonja stated:

“It just made me feel like something happened to me. I know my body. I know when something’s not right.”

She also said she saw R. Kelly pulling up his pants in the corner of the room. He then allegedly left the room, and–after another couple of days–Sonja was eventually given a flight back to Salt Lake City.


However, while exiting the studio, an employee allegedly threatened Sonja to keep her ordeal a secret by saying:

“Don’t f**k with Mr. Kelly.”

The employee also allegedly claimed to have the names, phone numbers, and addresses of Sonja‘s close family members.

Sonja is the eighth accuser to take the stand at R. Kelly‘s current, Brooklyn-based trial.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley