Will Smith & Jaden Smith Create Eco Friendly Water Company

Will Smith & Jaden Smith Create Eco Friendly Water Company

Jaden Smith and his famous father Will Smith have created an eco-friendly bottled water company founded. The company makes its packaging from almost entirely renewable resources, including “plastic” derived from sugarcane. Will explains,

This was a company born out of a child’s love for the ocean. We did not want this to be a celebrity brand. We’re just about to launch our second product and we felt like there were enough people who already have accepted the brand and it wouldn’t look like celebrities trying to sell some water.

Jaden Smith

They established the company in 2015. 19-year-old Jaden has a passion for protecting the earth by reducing plastic and carbon dioxide emissions globally. He explains,

School and education is where it all starts, because that’s where it started for me. I just want you to know that I came up with this idea when I was your age, and that means you have the infinite ability to come up with any idea or any way that you want to change the world.

Will Smith

Will says of his children,

There’s a certain expectation that has developed of me over the years, and in watching Jaden and all of my children, I’m learning to get free again to be me and do me without the absolute concern of every single moment trying to live up to an image of who I am. I found a really brand new freedom through watching my kids and how they tend, specifically Jaden, to not concern themselves with anything above honesty and truth and integrity to themselves first and foremost.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams