Tyrese & Influencer Zelie Timothy Announce They’ve Broken Up

Tyrese & Influencer Zelie Timothy Announce They’ve Broken Up

Is Tyrese really single again?

Yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 28th), Tyrese uploaded an Instagram video where he announced he and his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, had broken up. Specifically, the singer-turned-actor uploaded a video of Zelie Timothy taking a bath as “On My Way” by Jhené Aiko plays in the background. Tyrese captioned the post:

“We had so much potential. We really did.. I wish you well, ending on a good note is a good thing….. [ link in the bio ] I will forever love you @zelietimothy cheers to you!!”


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Zelie Timothy shared the same upload on her own Instagram account. She captioned the repost:

“You can’t force a man to respect you. But you can refuse to not be disrespected. -Unknown [ link in bio ] I wish the very best for you I hope you figure it out.”

On top of the video, Tyrese shared a couple of breakup-related posts to his Instagram Story. Before uploading a generic message about relationships, he also re-shared his video of Zelie, captioned:

“If [sic] was fun while it lasted… I wish you well lovey @zelietimothy.”

Zelie Timothy also shared a number of posts on her Instagram Story that seemingly addressed the situation.

Notably, Zelie Timothy‘s YouTube channel was promoted by her and Tyrese in their respective captions and at the very end of the bathtub video.

On her YouTube page, there is currently only one video titled “#6DayBayCay Trailer.” In the three-week-old video, Tyrese tells viewers that Zelie Timothy will upload her first vlog once she hits 10,000 subscribers, and–as of today (Wednesday, Sept. 29th)–she has a little less than 6,000.

Considering all factors, many believe that Tyrese and Zelie Timothy‘s breakup is just a publicity stunt to get people interested in Zelie‘s YouTube channel. However, this is mere speculation and has not been confirmed.

What do you think about the situation, and do you believe that it’s a publicity stunt? Comment down below to let us know!

Authored by: Nick Fenley