Bill Cosby Urges His Followers To Support Boosie’s Biopic

Bill Cosby Promotes Boosie’s Biopic On Instagram: I Am Encouraging All Of My Followers To Make ‘My Struggle’ A Box Office Success

Boosie recently received some support from another controversial figure: Bill Cosby!

As you may know, Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch Jr.) recently unveiled his biopic, My Struggle. The film chronicles the rapper’s life from his childhood in Baton Rouge to his adulthood controversies, and it premiered this past Friday (Sept. 24th) on You can watch the trailer down below:

Following the release of Boosie‘s biopic, Bill Cosby recently decided to give the film some extra publicity on social media. Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 29th), Bill Cosby uploaded a promotional picture for the biopic’s behind the scenes component and wrote:

“Lil Boosie, I have always appreciated your truth and support. What I’m about to say, is not to compensate you because you supported Bill Cosby. My publicist, Mr. Andrew Wyatt told me about your film, ‘My Struggle’ and I am encouraging all of my supporters and fans to make this American Citizen, Lil Boosie’s film, ‘My Struggle’ a box office success. Thank you very much. #MyStruggle#BoosieMovie#BillCosby#LilBoosie.”

The 84-year-old disgraced comedian, who was memorably released from prison after having his conviction overturned this past summer, also shared the post to his Instagram Story.

Boosie acknowledged the promotion on Twitter earlier today (Thursday, Sept. 30th). The 38-year-old rapper wrote:

“THANKS BILL [insert prayer emoji].”

This isn’t the first time Bill Cosby and Boosie have supported each other. Last year, Boosie announced he wanted to start a petition to free the comedian.

Bill Cosby later thanked Boosie, tweeting:

“On this 10th day of December 2020…I will pay homage to those who have supported me and my family, simply by saying, thank you. The first person to be recognized on Thank You Thursday is Rapper @BOOSIEOFFICIAL Thank you for your support.”

What do you think about Bill Cosby promoting Boosie’s biopic, and have you watched the film? Comment down below to let us know!

Authored by: Nick Fenley