Boosie Unveils Trailer For Upcoming ‘My Struggle’ Biopic [WATCH]

Boosie Unveils Trailer For Upcoming ‘My Struggle’ Biopic [WATCH]

Boosie fans can now watch the trailer for the rapper’s biopic!

Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 7th), the trailer for Boosie‘s biopic was released. The production, titled My Struggle, follows the story of Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch Jr.) as he grows up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The My Struggle sneak peek opens up with an adult character, presumably Boosie‘s mother, telling him as a young child:

“I’ve got to get us from ’round here. Shouldn’t nobody have to live like this. Nobody.”

The trailer then jumps between various portions of Boosie‘s early childhood and adolescent years, giving viewers a glimpse into his home life. Shortly thereafter, viewers see Boosie in a jail cell as he waits to stand trial for first-degree murder.

My Struggle is being co-produced by Boosie‘s The Badazz Film Company and Joe Yung Spike‘s House of Shoots. The biopic will premiere on Sept. 24th, although it is currently unclear whether it will be accessible through streaming services or only in theatres.

You can watch the trailer down below:

The trailer for Boosie‘s biopic comes just days after he accused a lawyer of stealing $70,000 from him. Earlier this month, Boosie tweeted:

“This man has stolen 70K!!! Attorney Kenneth Muhammad, Attorney Kenneth Muhammad. If you r doing business with this man get out now. He’s a thief!! He’s N the Atlanta area, dm me if you see this man.”

What do you think about the trailer for Boosie’s upcoming biopic, and are you interested in watching the production? Comment down below to let us know!

Authored by: Nick Fenley