T-Pain Says His 97-Year-Old Grandmother ‘Is In The Hospital Alone’ After Contracting COVID From Her Nurse

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T-Pain Says His 97-Year-Old Grandmother ‘Is In The Hospital Alone’ After Contracting COVID From Her Nurse

T-Pain is the latest celebrity to share how the coronavirus pandemic has affected him and his loved ones. Yesterday (Oct. 3) 37-year-old T-Pain, born Faheem Najm, took to his Twitter and revealed that his elderly grandmother contracted COVID from her nurse. He shared,

“Bro…… my 97 year old grandma….. is in the hospital alone… with Covid…… that she got……. FROM HER F*CKIN NURSE!!!! Man [facepalm emoji] Wtf is wrong with ppl man?! Pls yall. Just explain it to me! Just help us end this sh*t pls ppl.”

A fan replied to T-Pain’s initial Tweet and suggested that the nurse was probably vaccinated and asymptomatic, but T-Pain denied the speculation.

T-Pain responded to their tweet and said,

“She was not asymptomatic. She was sent home and the hospital had to contact every patient she had come in contact with. Gma got tested when she got there and was negative. Then positive after the nurse was sent home. There’s no agenda. Ppl are a**h*les.”

As previously reported, T-Pain made headlines this past September for accusing Kanye West of stealing one of his rap lines after calling it corny. While chatting about the alleged situation he said,

“Kanye stole one of my corny lines. I couldn’t believe it. Kanye stole one of my corny lines after he told me it was corny. I don’t think he said it better. I don’t think anything happened where his was better than mine. Mine was out, I was showing Kanye. I was working on ‘Watch The Throne’. I was so proud of my new mixtape I had, and it was mostly rap.”

The line in question comes from T-Pain’s song ‘Danger’ from his ‘prEVOLVer’ mixtape.

He continued,

“On one of the songs I said something like ‘I got beef like two burgers, you n***as win slow and I’m smarter than Steve Urkel.’ Keep in mind the Winslow family is corny as f***, I knew it was corny when I said it. Kanye confirmed it — he was like don’t ever say anything like that.”

Kanye West uses a similar line on his song ‘Dark Fantasy,’ which was featured on his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

T-Pain added,

“And then after that, one of his lines was ‘too many Urkels, that’s why your wins low.’ I was like… ‘did this n***a try to get me to not say my s*** so he could say his s***? I was like what the f***? …I was like my n***a, what?!’”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel