EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Reveals Her Body Snapped Back 3 Weeks After She Stopped Breastfeeding + Reflects On How Her Grandmother Inspired Her Love For Dance & Dishes About Being On ‘DWTS’: I’ve Never Been Happier

EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Reveals Her Body Snapped Back 3 Weeks After She Stopped Breastfeeding + Reflects On How Her Grandmother Inspired Her Love For Dance & Dishes About Being On ‘DWTS’: I’ve Never Been Happier

Kenya Moore recently opened up about her personal life and her current Dancing with the Stars gig during an interview with theJasmineBRAND!

Over the weekend, we conducted an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Initially, the reality TV star revealed she got a breast lift and reduction. While she and interviewer Jasmine Brand were on the subject of breasts, Kenya Moore stated:

“This is a direct result of a breast lift and reduction! They are sitting, honey–they are definitely sitting now.”

She then revealed that her breasts ultimately increased to a G cup after giving birth to her daughter, Brooklyn Daly. She remarked:

“After Brooklyn, my breasts never stopped growing.”

Kenya then dished on her breastfeeding experience and revealed that her body bounced back just three weeks after switching her daughter to formula:

“I breastfed for like three months… [My breasts] definitely got bigger, but I wasn’t producing a whole lot of milk. Like, I was struggling with the whole milk situation. They got bigger, but after I stopped breastfeeding my body went right back like after three weeks. I was surprised! Because of my age, I was like ‘I don’t know.’ But I knew I took care of myself, I knew that I had really good abs and a good core, [but] I was just like ‘I just don’t know at my age.’ And then at three weeks I just looked down and my tummy was flat and I didn’t have stretch marks. I was like ‘Oh my God, thank The Lord!’ I think it was [from] me taking care of myself and working out all the time.”

Kenya Moore and Brooklyn Daly

Kenya Moore then segued to discussing her time on DWTS, as she’s currently starring on the series’ 30th season, dancing alongside Brandon Armstrong. She initially revealed that she’s been a longtime fan of the show and said that her late grandmother, Doris, is the one who fostered her love for dance:

“I’ve watched it from the beginning. I used to watch it with my grandmother–she’s the one that introduced me to dance. If you guys know anything about me, you know that my grandmother raised me since I was like three days old. She introduced me to dance. We didn’t have money, so she took us to like this free community center in Detroit. And they had the free classes and we just had to kind of raise money for our little costumes for our recital… I was about 5 or 6 years old, and when I tell you I have never been happier than dancing. Like I love to dance… But my grandmother’s the one who introduced me to dance, and I have just had a love for it ever since.”

Kenya then stated that, while she had been invited to appear on DWTS before, she was never able to do so because of other responsibilities:

“When Dancing with the Stars came out, I was like ‘Oh my God, I wanna do this show so badly!’ But it just never lined up. I’ve been offered to do it before, but because of my schedule or other things it just never worked out. Because production was pushed on Real Housewives, I was like ‘This is the first time I’m actually gonna be able to do it.'”

Kenya Moore and her ‘DWTS’ partner, Brandon Armstrong

She then continued to gush about being on DWTS, saying:

“I’m finally here, and I’m enjoying every single minute of it! When I tell you I have never been happier, I am so happy on that dance floor–it’s just unbelievable!”

Kenya then acknowledged the support she’s received from RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss, who live-streamed the premiere episode on her Instagram.

“She was so supportive… Her fans were excited, my fans were excited, and they all went out to vote also! And I think it just really helped me a lot for the first two episodes.”

Kandi Burruss

Shortly thereafter, Kenya Moore acknowledged a less-glamorous aspect of DWTS: injuries! Specifically, she spoke on recently injuring her ribs:

“I have a contusion on two of my ribs. When I was in the air in the Moana dance, the last spin when I was way up on his shoulders, as soon as he [put me in the air] I felt like my rib literally rolled over on the other rib. I remember being in the air thinking ‘I just broke my rib!’ I’ve never broken a bone in my life, and it literally felt like my rib rolled on top of the other rib out of place… I am still injured. I’ve been seeing the doctor, he’s been giving me treatments and I’m patched up. I have so many injuries–this old horse ain’t what she used to be!… But I’m still here!”

She also acknowledged the emotional side of being on DWTS:

“I was crying the other day in bed after that second elimination. It just got to me–everything just got to me… It was a lot of stress. But I’m not the only one that felt it–a lot of other people felt it [because] we’re not used to this rigorous kind of schedule. And after that night, when I was saved, I remember just being in my bed. I felt defeated and alone and was like ‘I don’t know what’s happening.'”

Kenya continued:

“But then the next day I woke up [and picked myself up]. I’m the only woman of color there, and I have to represent for my sisters! So I’m out here for you guys–I’m out here for my grandmother, for my daughter, and I just want to be an example of strength. And in that strength is beauty. That’s one of my goals here: to show people you can live your dreams.”

Kenya Moore then addressed the importance of her fans voting for her on DWTS and told viewers how they could vote:

“I think that I have a lot of fans out there and people that are rooting for me, but they have to vote. And there’s two ways to vote–you can text ‘Kenya’ to 21523. You can do that 10 times!… You can then go on ABC.com and vote another 10 times, so now you have 20 votes per phone!”

She also specifically shared some advice for fans living on the West Coast:

“People on the West Coast have to vote in East Coast time when the show is live. So if it’s live at 8 [EST], it’s not live at 5 on the West Coast. But they can vote on the West Coast at 5 [PST] because it’s during the live show. If they wait until they see the show on TV, it’s already done. It’s already decided. So they have to make sure they vote Eastern Time–as soon as 8 p.m. [EST] comes on, vote! Don’t wait–don’t wait to see me, don’t wait to see what’s going on with other couples. Just vote! Just vote 10 times, text ‘Kenya’ to 21523 and go on ABC.com and vote another 10 times. [The show airs] Mondays live.

Kenya added:

I know Team Twirl is voting, but we have to be consistent with our votes and vote every week! One week is not enough because after the show airs, your scores are wiped clean and you have to do it all over again.”

You can watch the full interview down below:

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley