Slim Of R&B Group 112 Accuses Ex-Groupmates Of Trademark Infringement: A Federal Judge Granted In My Favor

Slim Of R&B Group 112 Accuses Ex-Groupmates Of Trademark Infringement: A Federal Judge Granted In My Favor

There appears to be some bad blood between Slim and others formerly associated with 112!

Yesterday (Tuesday, Oct. 26th), Slim of R&B group 112 blasted his former groupmates in a now-deleted Instagram upload. In the lengthy post, Slim revealed that, though he trademarked 112 back in late 2018, some of his former groupmates have been infringing on the name:

“I trademarked 112 in 2018… 8 years after it was abandoned, ANYONE could have done it. For me 112 is a priority so business wise it made sense to protect what I risked everything for. The formers nor my manager didn’t know I had the trademark until after they started the lie about stealing money months later. We were already told by them that because of personnel [sic] differences they were done. I posted their own texts with dates. On December 25th 2018 my trademark was official. I respected their decision to leave, I asked repeatedly to not infringe and they knew I had trademarks but caused alot of unnecessary confusion. One former was in the church, why use a secular name? The other wanted to do solo projects, why use a brand you walked away from AGAIN? Could have easily did this and stayed in the group.”

He continued, warning all promoters to be wary of the possible infringement issues his former groupmates could put them in:

“To all promoters, venues and agencies following me…PLEASE DON’T LET THEM PUT YOU IN ANY UNNECESSARY SITUATIONS WITH INFRINGEMENT. Shoutout to the promoters who kept it [100 emoji]. I hope this is helpful to so many questions. It’s a REASON A FEDERAL JUDGE GRANTED IN MY FAVOR.”

Slim‘s upload also contained photos of legal documents from the trademark lawsuit against his ex-groupmates, dated Oct. 21st, 2021.

112 was formed in 1993 and mainly consisted of Slim (real name Marvin Scandrick), Mike KeithQuinnes “Q” Parker, and Daron JonesReginaly Finley and Aldon Lagon were also in the group until 1994. Since 2018, 112 has only consisted of Slim and Mike Keith.

112 (circa 2020)

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Authored by: Nick Fenley