Ne-Yo Accidentally Labeled As A Sex Offender On Twitter, Matter Seems To Be A Hoax

Ne-Yo Appears To Be Accidentally Labeled As A Sex Offender On Twitter, Matter Seems To Be A Hoax

Ne-Yo recently began trending online for a rather unsavory reason!

Earlier today (Tuesday, Nov. 9th), a photo began circulating online showing a screenshot of a Twitter user’s profile. In the picture, there appears to be a notice that the user in question is a sex offender, and there’s a photo of his alleged mugshot accompanying the supposed announcement. However, people soon began speculating that the mugshot in question actually belonged to Ne-Yo (real name Shaffer Chimere Smith)!

You can see the screenshot in question down below:

The screenshot soon began circulating on social media, causing stirs of laughter and shocked reactions among various people. You can see what some Twitter users had to say about the matter down below:

Further research shows the mugshot indeed belongs to Ne-Yo. It was taken back in 2008 when the “So Sick” singer was arrested for reckless driving in Cobb County, Georgia. It’s also worth noting that, because the alleged announcement is made through a user-made newsletter, the matter is probably a hoax done by the account owner.

Ne-Yo has not publicly acknowledged the situation through social media.

Crystal, NeYo

This matter comes about five months after Ne-Yo and his wife–Crystal Williams–welcomed a daughter, Isabella. This was the couple’s third child together and Ne-Yo‘s fifth overall, as he shares two children with his ex-girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley