Taryn Manning Says White Women ‘Attacked’ Her Over New Movie “Karen”

Taryn Manning Says White Women ‘Attacked’ Her Over New Movie ‘Karen’

Taryn Manning is opening up about the backlash she has received for her role n the new movie, ‘Karen.’

Manning, who plays Karen, a racist and entitled White woman who terrorizes her new Black neighbors, says the backlash was more than she expected but still felt it was important to do the movie.

On the criticism she received she said,

“I was, kind of, taking it on head first and, like, responding to people, you know, ‘I’m so sorry you feel that way. I was attacked a lot by white women who felt that I had betrayed my own race.”

She also added,

“I know when a subject is so active, it’s like an active nerve right now, a lot of people aren’t taking it well. But the point was to illuminate something that needs to be brought to the forefront so we can start to change humanity.” 

To those that attacked the movie, Taryn Manning also said,

“Some people are hard-wired, maybe they grew up in a household where they never even really had a chance to think for themselves. It’s just this repetitive generational cycle that they’re in, there’s that. There’s maybe an experience with someone like that, that scarred their frontal lobes, or it’s just a bad day.”

Following the ‘Karen’ trailer’s release, social media compared it to Jordan Peele’s film, ‘Get Out,‘ but the director, Coke Daniels, dismissed the comparison saying,

“I dont agree with the narrative that we ripped anything from ‘Get Out.’ they are two different films.’ 

Jordan Peele recently signed a multi-year deal with Universal Studio Group to bring more of his to television. His production company also made history with Nia DeCosta, who becomes the first black woman to direct a No. 1 movie at the domestic box office.

Karen‘ was released this weekend (September 3) in theaters and also stars All American: Homecoming’s Cory Hardrict and Sinners and Saint’s Jasmine Burke. 


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Authored by: Ellori Nicole