Young Thug’s Attorney Denies Rapper Is At Fault For Bag W/$1 Million Hard Drive Missing

Young Thug

Young Thug’s Attorney Denies Rapper Is At Fault For Bag W/$1 Million Hard Drive Missing

Who is to blame for Young Thug’s missing million-dollar bag?

Young Thug’s lawyer wants to make it perfectly clear that his client is not at fault for his missing Louis Vuitton bag that obtained very important items with hefty price tags. In October of this year Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, filed a lawsuit against an Atlanta-based luxury apartment complex, Trace, for,

“negligence and failure to train its employees.”

According to the suit, the building’s concierge service gave away the 30-year-old rapper’s Louis Vuitton bag to an unidentified individual. The bag in question reportedly held $40,000 in cash, a diamond-encrusted watch worth $57,000, a diamond chain worth $37,000, and a hard drive that contained 200 unreleased songs from Young Thug, which has an estimated value of around $1 million.

Young Thug

This alleged slip-up initially occurred in November of 2020. According to reports, Young Thug had just returned to the apartment complex’s parking garage after a trip to L.A. and accidentally left his LV bag next to his Lamborghini. One of Young Thug’s neighbors reportedly came across the bag and asked the building’s concierge to retrieve it, which they did. The concierge then informed Young Thug that the bag was in their possession and left a note instructing other employees not to give it to anyone without contacting them first. However, that didn’t happen and the bag was ultimately given to someone other than its owner, Young Thug.

Despite one of their employees having possession of the bag at one point, the managing company of Trace luxury apartments, JLB Peachtree Management, is arguing in court documents that what led to the bag allegedly being stolen is the ‘Day Before’ rapper’s own

“negligence and failure to exercise ordinary care.”

Young Thug’s attorney, Charles Hoffecker, wasted no time in responding to Peachtree Management’s argument. In a recently released statement, he said,

“The suggestion my client’s negligence — if any — outweighs the defendants’ ignores the simple facts the defendants’ employees acted to secure the property, knew whose property it was, committed to keep the property safe in a secure location, communicated to my client they would keep the property secure, and then released the property to an unknown person.”

He added,

“Now that the defendants have filed their answer, we look forward to pursuing Young Thug’s rights through the litigation process.”

Young Thug

Do you think Young Thug is to blame for the missing bag and hard drive? Or should the apartment complex be held responsible? Tell us in the comments below. 


Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel