Drake Seemingly Dissed By The Weeknd & A$AP Rocky  + J. Cole Accused Of ‘Switching Up’ On The Canadian Rapper

Darke, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole

Drake Seemingly Dissed By The Weeknd & A$AP Rocky  + J. Cole Accused Of ‘Switching Up’ On The Canadian Rapper

The rap beef between Drake and some of his colleagues appears to be getting even more heated.

It’s being speculated that the Canadian rapper was the target of several recent disses coming from A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd, and even seems to have lost his biggest ally in J. Cole.

J. Cole, Drake

Drake being called out by some of the biggest names in hip-hop began after Future and Metro Boomin released the follow up to their two-part collaborative project. The first album, We Don’t Trust You, made its debut on March 22nd while their second record, We Still Don’t Trust You, began streaming earlier today (Friday, April 12th).

We Still Don’t Trust You Album Cover Art

Social media has been buzzing about the album since, dissecting lyrics from several notable features including A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd, and discussing lyrics that could be seen as a diss toward Drake. A$AP Rocky was featured on the song “Show Of Hands” where he rapped:

“N*ggas swear they b*tch the baddest, I just bagged the worst one/ N*ggas in they feelings over women, what, you hurt or somethin’?/ I smashed before you birthed son, Flacko hit it first, son,”

A$AP Rocky

Many suspect the “Fashion Killa” rapper wrote the lyric as a shot at Drake, as its rumored that A$AP previously had a sexual relationship with Sophie Brussaux, the mother of Drake’s son Adonis. Apparently, Drake recently subbed A$AP first on a feature of his own, seemingly over his relationship with Rihanna. If you recall, Drake and the “Diamonds” singer were romantically linked years before she got into a long-term relationship with A$AP and had two of his kids.


Reportedly, Drake seemingly referenced A$AP recently, rapping the lyric:

“I ain’t Pretty Flacko, b*tch, this sh*t get really Rocky/ D*mn, what? Dirty how I did him in the Wraith.”

As far as The Weeknd’s involvement goes, it’s being speculated he addressed his former friend on the  track “All to Myself.” On the Future and Metro Boomin song, The Weeknd sings:

These n*ggas always yappin’, yeah/ I promise that I got your back/ Ooh, look at how we movin’, baby/ They could never diss my brothers, baby/ When they got leaks in they operation/ I thank God that I never signed my life away/ And we never do the big talk/ They shooters makin’ TikToks/ Got us laughin’ in the Lambo.”

It’s well known that Drake and The Weeknd have had their tensions in the past. It’s suspected that the line about him signing his life away, however, was a direct reference to Drake attempting to sign the “Blinding Lights” singer to his OVO Records early in their careers.

Drake, The Weeknd

What seems to be the most shocking feature for social media users, however, was an appearance by J. Cole on the Future and Metro Boomin album. As we’ve been covering, Drake and J. Cole had appeared to ally themselves against fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar after the Compton native appeared to diss them both on Future and Metro Boomin’s first collaborative release, leading J. Cole to issue a diss in response.

J. Cole raps in the seven-minute song “Red Leather,”

“My story’s more clever, my similes was better/ My energy was never on some toughest n*gga sh*t/I was just a conscious rapper that would f*ck a n*gga b*tch/ I was just a college n*gga from a rougher premises/ Kept my nose out the streets, but I love to get a whiff/ Of the action, with risk comes attraction/ The blicks get to blastin’, I turn into a track star/ Wanted all the h*es, what the f*ck you think I rap for?”

Though J. Cole didn’t make any direct disses about Drake on the feature, many felt he switched up on the “Hotline Bling” artist for even appearing on the album at all. Reacting to the situation, one user wrote:

“Drake waking up and seeing everybody done switched sides on him even J. Cole”

Another added:

“The Drake memes going crazy lmaoooo J Cole switching sides on this rap beef wasn’t on my bingo card but this is my favorite one”

Others shared similar opinions.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson