Update: Ari Lennox – Dutch Police Says She Was Arrested For Being Drunk In Public, Singer Accuses Security Of Being Racist 

Update: Ari Lennox – Dutch Police Says She Was Arrested For Being Drunk In Public, Singer Accuses Security Of Being Racist

Update #1: According to Dutch military police, Ari Lennox was held because of her behavior towards an airline official, and for being drunk in public. She has yet to release a public statement, but her manager posted the message below.


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Original Story: It looks like Ari Lennox‘s trip to Amsterdam will be unforgettable–but not in the positive way!

Earlier today (Monday, Nov. 29th), Ari Lennox happily revealed that she had landed in Amsterdam.

While she initially appeared excited to be in the Netherlands, Ari Lennox‘s European trip soon took a negative turn. Exactly one hour after her first tweet, the R&B singer issued a follow up statement that caught many fans off-guard:

“F**k Amsterdam security. They hate Black people.”

Ari Lennox continued tweeting about the matter for a short while before revealing she was being placed under arrest.

Specifically, the “BUSSIT” singer stated:

“I’m being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me.”

Ari Lennox has not issued any additional comments on her situation through social media.

This matter comes months after another high-profile Black artist was arrested in Europe. Back in July, rapper Lil Baby and NBA star James Harden were in Paris, Frace together for Fashion Week. However, while overseas, Lil Baby was ultimately arrested for possessing 32 grams of weed–though he was released a short while later.

A video of the rapper being detained soon began circulating, which you can view down below:

Lil Baby later addressed his Parisian arrest, saying:

“Man, I’m talking like the whole world’s texting me. I mean DMing me and s**t. But I’m like, ‘I know y’all see me going to jail.’ They like, ‘You good?’ Like nah n***a, I’m not good! I’m in this b***h tripping. I went to jail a lot of times, right? But they speak English. So this like my first time going to jail and I’m like a kid. Like, I felt like a real kid.”

Lil Baby

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Authored by: Nick Fenley