50 Cent Proudly Announces 66 Out 75 Students Enrolled In His G-Unit Business Lab Have Jobs

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

50 Cent Proudly Announces 66 Out 75 Students Enrolled In His G-Unit Business Lab Have Jobs

Rapper-turned-TV showrunner 50 Cent couldn’t be any happier with the accomplishments his mentees have made.

The New York-native proudly announced that 66 out of the 75 students enrolled in his “G-Unity Business Lab” program are employed. In an Instagram post where he affectionately referred to them as his “kids,” he shared:

“66 of my 75 kids have a job now @gunitybusinesslab Houston i’m so proud of this program 3 ward, 5 ward let’s get it @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi.”

The G-Unit Business Lab is a 12-week entrepreneur program that serves the Houston Independent School District. 50 Cent founded and contributed $300,000 to the launch of the program, which officially began in the fall. Wheatley, Worthing, and Kashmere high schools currently participate in the initiative. H.I.S.D held a press conference to introduce the program in May. During his speech at the conference, 50 Cent said:

“These opportunities are huge opportunities that I didn’t have. Being able to provide that in the early stages, I think it changes the direction and the choices that they will make. It prevents them from making some of the mistakes that I made.” 

Students who are a part of the G-Unity Business Lab are provided with the resources to build their business management skills. They meet in their classrooms twice a week after school for two hours. Throughout the course of the program, they will learn key methods and principles from professionals to brainstorm business ideas. At the end of the year, the students will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors, competing for a chance to win money for their business. 50 Cent will be among several judges of the competition.

While 50 Cent only chose three schools for his program, he already plans to extend it to many more. He stated:

“It’s three schools now, but it’s going be a lot more. Watch me.”

50 Cent, who has resided on the East Coast for much of his life, recently relocated to Houston. According to H.I.S.D, he made the move to start the program.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya