Nick Cannon Could Replace Wendy Williams’ Time Slot, Network Looking For ‘Backup Plan’ Amid Her Health Issues

Nick Cannon Could Replace Wendy Williams’ Time Slot, Network Looking For ‘Backup Plan’ Amid Her Health Issues

Could Nick Cannon be replacing Wendy Williams? 

The 13th season for Wendy Williams’ long-running talk show has been postponed twice as she battles severe health issues. The initial pushback was because she had COVID-19.

But the latest statement from the daytime talk show revealed it would be pushed back again, and explained that Wendy Williams is still dealing with health issues outside of COVID-19.

The details of what she’s battling weren’t made public, but it has been reported that she is back home after briefly checking into a psychiatric hospital.

Now, an insider has alleged network executives are looking to Nick Cannon, whose new talk show premiered last month, as Wendy Williams’ replacement.

The source said,

“The executives have been talking. They are keeping a close eye on [Williams’] recovery and hoping for the best. But they have pushed back [her] show premiere several times so they are already thinking of a backup plan.”

They name-dropped Nick Cannon as an option and added,

“It would not be a far stretch for Nick [Cannon] to take her time slot… Debmar-Mercury [which produces both shows] is really pushing to make Nick Cannon’s show a huge success. He already has a major platform, and a huge fanbase, so it is an easy win. So, if Wendy’s show ends up being a no-go, their backup plan is already set.”

Still, other TV insiders said it’s not that simple as Nick Cannon and Wendy Williams’ shows are syndicated, so it’s up to each station group to decide if it wants Nick Cannon in Wendy Williams’ timeslot.

A second insider pointed out,

“It’s likely they would make a deal, but it’s a station to station decision.”

Nick could also be a guest on Wendy’s show.

Meanwhile, Wendy is speculated to open up about her health issues when she returns to the small screen.


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Authored by: Char Patterson