2 Chainz’s Atlanta Restaurants Facing Serious Allegations Including Not Paying Employees, Having A Rat Problem, & Abuse From Managers

2 Chainz

2 Chainz’s Atlanta Restaurants Facing Serious Allegations Including Not Paying Employees, Having A Rat Problem & Abuse From Managers

2 Chainz and his business partner Snoop are being called out by former employees for allegedly hiring a registered sex offender as a manager, ill-treatment, bounced checks, and running dirty establishments.

Escobar Restaurant & Tapas is a popular destination for people looking for a fun place to eat in Atlanta. The establishment opened its doors 5 years ago and is owned by rapper 2 Chainz, real name Tauheed Epps, and entrepreneur Snoop, real name Mychel Dillard. Recently a couple of former employees from Escobar have come forward to call the lounge out for multiple serious allegations.

Yesterday (Dec. 29) a woman named Shalyse shared via her Instagram page that the general manager from Escobar, Lawrence Robertson, allegedly shot at her while she was leaving work. She uploaded multiple videos to her IG page of the aftermath of the alleged incident. In part, she captioned the post,

“On Monday, December 20th, my general manager (Lawrence Robertson) at Escobar Restaurant & Tapas shot at me as I was leaving work. He then fled the scene before he could face any repercussions.”

She continued and claimed that despite Snoop knowing what happened, Lawrence Robertson wasn’t permanently terminated from his position.

“Not one owner or manager bothered to check on me following the incident. Instead, @whoissnoop felt that the best decision for the company was to rehire Robertson at Escoseafood despite knowing what occurred. Crazy right? So I’m left without employment while the man who SHOT AT ME gets to walk around as if nothing happened.”

She also shared via her IG stories that Snoop has recently blocked her on Instagram.



Another person who formerly worked for 2 Chainz and his business partner Snoop also shared their own claims against the restaurant owners. According to the woman, another manager named Amos Charles Wallace, who was reportedly hired to run 2 Chainz’s restaurants, is a registered sex offender. The woman also accused Snoop of not paying her for the work she did at the popular bar.



The woman didn’t end her allegations there. She also uploaded video footage of what appears to be rats in Crave Restaurant, which is another establishment that 2 Chainz and Snoop are seemingly tied to.

2 Chainz has yet to address the claims against his restaurants. However, Snoop did share a now-removed post to her IG stories to address what has been said by the former employees.


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel