T-Boz Issues A Warning After Her Daughter Was Potentially Targeted By Sex Traffickers: ‘Watch Your Surroundings’

T-Boz, Chase Rolison

T-Boz Issues A Warning After Her Daughter Was Potentially Targeted By Sex Traffickers: ‘Watch Your Surroundings’

TLC member T-Boz has an important message on safety to share with fans.

Following an alarming incident with her 22-year-old daughter, the R&B songstress shared being aware of your surroundings is more important than ever.

T-Boz, real name Tionne Watkins, recently explained the frightening moment her child was potentially targeted on her Instagram story. According to the musician, her daughter Chase Rolison, was leaving a doctor’s appointment when the suspected incident occurred. She stated:

“Y’all always hear about sex trafficking and stuff like that, so my daughter was just leaving the doctor’s office and when she came to the car she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper…instead of touching it – because when you do, they’ll have some kind of drug substance on there that will make you drowsy and knock you out,” 

Chase Rolison

Understanding the reported signs of traffickers, the Grammy Award-winning artist went on to explain that Chase didn’t touch the item. Alternatively, she went to a public location where she used something else to knock off the unknown article. However, T-Boz said that in today’s time, people have to go even another step further to ensure their safety. She continued:

“Now the concern is…I hear they put trackers on your car…Make sure y’all check for trackers so they won’t track you guys home or to the next location.” 

She captioned the post:

“Watch Your Surroundings”

It seems things went well for Chase. Neither she nor her famous mom has spoken any further about the insidious moment. However, things could’ve ended badly had the young beauty brand owner not been keenly alert and watching her environment. Just last year, famed actress Tisha Campbell also shared a similar chilling tale.

The “Martin” star alleged that while shooting in a remote place for a new project, she was seemingly caught up in a suspected kidnapping situation. Campbell made headlines sharing her story, and the incident caught media attention after she filed a police report to alert authorities of the potential danger. Though it seems the case was closed without the alleged assailants being captured in the end, the TV star was adamant that she wanted to share what happened, simply to spread awareness.

Tisha Campbell

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Authored by: Kay Johnson