Kanye Is ‘Hurt’ About Kim Kardashian Moving On, Using Relationship W/ Julia Fox For Revenge

Kanye West Is ‘Hurt’ About Kim Kardashian Moving On, Using Relationship W/ Julia Fox For Revenge

Kanye West’s newfound romance with Julia Fox could be a part of a revenge plot.

Kanye West and Italian-American actress Julia Fox have stolen every spot on the newsstand ever since they debuted their relationship at the beginning of the month.

According to a Page Six source, this is no coincidence, and it’s all a part of Kanye’s plan to get back at his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson

It all began with Kim and her unexpected relationship with Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson. The two have been snapped on multiple occasions as several headlines about Kim and Kanye’s divorce have broken. Now, a “clearly hurting” Kanye has a revenge romance of his own. Of his pairing with Julia, a source told the outlet:

“[It’s a] a ploy to get under ex Kim Kardashian’s skin. It’s a desperate play for attention. There’s no other explanation when he chooses … [Fox] to go public with.”

The idea isn’t far-fetched. Multiple outlets have linked Kanye to model Irina Shayk, as well as 22-year-old model Vinetria.

Irina Shayk



Yet, neither was chosen to be Kanye’s leading lady for his alleged production. While reports have stated that Kim and Pete are getting “serious,” Kanye has reportedly directed pap strolls and impromptu photoshoots with Julia. Their latest professional photoshoot has been dubbed “steamy” and many say that it’s reminiscent of Kim’s transformation at the start of Kimye.


Kanye has allegedly made numerous attempts at convincing Kim to return. He’s rearranged one of his hit songs to fit their current situation, denied their divorce, and allegedly purchased a house right across the street from her. Despite his actions, Kim is doing what she set out to do in April 2021–legally splitting from Kanye.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya