EXCLUSIVE: ‘Selling Tampa’ Star Sharelle Rosado Responds To Series Criticism From DJ Envy, Reveals If Fans Should Expect A Second Season, & Dishes On Her Relationship With Retired NFL Player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

Sharelle Rosado

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Selling Tampa’ Star Sharelle Rosado Responds To Series Criticism From DJ Envy, Reveals If Fans Should Expect A Second Season, & Dishes On Her Relationship With Retired NFL Player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, ‘Selling Tampa’ star Sharelle Rosado talks motherhood, operating in a blended family with her fiancé, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and criticism she’s received over her real estate series from well-known radio personality DJ Envy

Sharelle Rosado might just be the epitome of ‘booked and busy.’ In addition to being the CEO of Allure Realty, she is also a mother and reality TV star. As previously reported, Sharelle Rosado and her fiancé, Chad Johnson, welcomed their daughter, Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson, into the world earlier this month. 

This is the couple’s first child together. Rosado has three children from a previous relationship and Johnson has seven children from previous relationships. While chatting with us, Rosado shared that she initially learned she was pregnant while filming for ‘Selling Tampa’ and she was “definitely in shock.”  She continued, 

“I wasn’t ready yet. You know, my career is just now getting to a point where I’m comfortable and it happened but, you know everything happens for a reason.”

Rosado then dished on what it’s like operating in a large-blended family with Johnson. She said, 

“All the kids get along very well – we spent the holidays together, my kids and his and everyone gets along great. You know, there’s no drama.”

She added, 

“Even with the mother’s [of Chad’s other children]. We all get along – we communicate well, for the sake of it.” 

Rosado also shared exclusively with theJasmineBrand that Johnson gifted her a pink Birkin bag as a push gift. 

She added that Netflix did film content with her rocking her luxury bag, however, the scenes were ultimately cut out of the series. ‘Selling Tampa’ is a real estate series that premiered on Netflix last month. The show follows the all-female agents at Rosado’s Black-owned company, Allure Realty. When asked if she felt betrayed by the things her staff/co-stars said about her on the show, Rosado replied, 

“No. I think every woman, you know, stood their ground as they should.”

She continued and shared that despite how some viewers may feel, she doesn’t even have an issue with her co-star Rena Frazier.

“Even, you know – a lot of people say with Rena [Frazier]. Rena’s a businesswoman at the end of the day and I respect her and if I were in her shoes I probably would have done the same thing.”

Rena Frazier

Rosado continued and said that she has no regrets from season one of ‘Selling Tampa.’ She added, 

“It’s solid. I mean, if I have to second guess [something] then that’s a problem. Every move that I made, there was a reason for it. Even with the commission change, [the other ladies] don’t own partnership in my business so I don’t have to bring [them] to the table when I’m making those financial decisions behind the doors.”

As previously reported, Rosado and her co-stars unexpectedly found themselves at the center of a debate surrounding the content of ‘Selling Tampa’ after DJ Envy called the series “embarrassing” for overdoing the drama. In an Instagram post, the ‘The Breakfast Club’ co-host compared ‘Selling Tampa’ to Netflix’s original real estate reality series ‘Selling Sunset.’ Both shows were created by Adam DiVello.  DJ Envy captioned his post,

“The Same person created both these shows…. SMH. 1 show sold no homes… NONE!!! Kind of embarrassing..The other show sells homes..Hmmmm…Anybody else watches these shows??”

During her interview with us, Rosado addressed DJ Envy’s comments and explained why it was difficult to film all the closings that took place. She said, 

“First, like I tell everyone, even though it’s a franchise, we have two different stories. I love Jason and Brett [Oppenheim]. You know, they have a well-established business. [However] I’m a woman, and the ladies behind me – we are bringing something new. And we’re doing a d*mn good job bringing what we’re bringing to be a new brokerage.”

She continued, 

“And [cricits] not seeing closings – I don’t understand. Like Rena said, she made a caption that said ‘just because we didn’t ring bells or throw confetti doesn’t mean we weren’t closing homes.’ We had a big development with a developer that we had multiple listings. That was huge!”

She added,

“What people need to understand is that it takes a long time. We were filming during the pandemic and a lot of people don’t want a whole camera crew coming in because of what’s going on. So it was hard getting a lot of people to even say  ‘okay, I’ll be a part of it.’ Because it’s a new show.”

Despite DJ Envy’s ill feelings towards the show, ‘Selling Tampa’ did spend some time in the number one slot for Netflix’s top ten shows. 

Even after just one season, the series has already seemingly built a loyal fan base. Rosado touched on the possibility of landing a second season and said, 

“We haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t know, I gotta reach back out to them it’s been crazy. I know they’ve been giving me time for, you know, recovering but hopefully, soon we’ll hear something!” 

Rosado remained tight-lipped when asked if she’d be willing to film a wedding special showcasing her upcoming nuptials and said, 

“I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” 

She added, 

“As long as I’m helping someone get through what they’re going through [then] I’m definitely open to sharing my story.” 

Sharelle Rosado


Rosado continued and addressed two big misconceptions that some people think about her. 

“I do get a lot of, you know, ‘her come up came from Chad.’ I get a lot of that [from] people who don’t know me. I’ve always been a go-getter ever since I was a child and I’m a businesswoman I’m all about, you know, my coins and my family. So I’m [going to] always, you know, hustle. I’m going to grind no matter what.” 

She added, 

“And I think from the show a lot of people think that I’m a b*tch. Like, I’m mean.  But I’m the most humble person [and] I’m very genuine.”

Chad Ochocinco, Sharelle Rosado

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel