Nicki Minaj Harassment Lawsuit Will Be Refiled In California

Nicki Minaj – Jennifer Hough Will Re-File Harassment Lawsuit In California

It looks like Nicki Minaj isn’t completely out of the woods just yet. Just one week after the rapper was dismissed from a harassment lawsuit filed by her husband’s rape accuser, Jennifer Hough, lawyers say Minaj isn’t completely removed from the case. On Thursday (Jan.20), Hough’s attorneys claim the rapper was only dismissed from the case because jurisdictional issues require Hough to move her claims against Minaj to a different coast. During Thursday’s  hearing in Manhattan federal court, Jennifer Hough’s lawyer Seven N. Gordon revealed,

“We plan to refile it in a court with proper jurisdiction.”

Jennifer Hough and her attorney

Gordon later identified California as the appropriate jurisdiction since that is where Nicki Minaj, (real name Onika Tanya Maraj) currently resides. In a statement released after the hearing, Nicki’s lead counsel Judd Burstein had this to say,

“As usual, they have decided to adopt a tactic without bothering to research the law. Had they done so, they would realize that re-filing their frivolous action in another jurisdiction will only result in another court sanctioning them.”

As previously reported, Jennifer Hough sued Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty last year for harassment. The case was brought on by Jennifer, who was reportedly sexually assaulted by Petty back in 1995. She filed the lawsuit after the couple allegedly started pressuring her to stay quiet and recant her accusations.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty and their son – thejasminebrand

Jennifer Hough’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburne confirmed that the case would be re-filed in California, but with “different causes of action” and potentially a new, unnamed defendant. He also fired back directly at the accusations and remarks made by Nicki’s counsel Judd Burstein.

“If I were Ms. Maraj I would pay close attention to the bill she receives from her counsel.. From the beginning of the lawsuit he [Burstein] has engaged in a billing exercise proposing to file a countless number of frivolous sanctions, none of which were filed, and none of which has any merit. I look forward to receiving this latest edition of her counsel’s billing exercise, carefully framed as a sanctions motion.”

Tyrone Blackburne

In August 2021, Jennifer sued Nicki Minaj, claiming  the rapper and her legal team had offered to pay Jennifer to change her story about what happened with Kenneth. Jennifer Hough then spoke out publicly in an exclusive interview on The Real  in September. She detailed the case and spoke about the accusations against Petty, also accusing the couple of harassing her.

While the charges against Nicki Minaj were dropped last week and will allegedly be re-filed in the state of California, the claims against Kenneth Petty are still ongoing.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole