Ari Lennox – Podcaster Apologizes After Asking Inappropriate Question About Her Sex Life

Ari Lennox – Podcaster Apologizes After Asking Inappropriate Question About Her Sex Life


It’s never too late to apologize. Last month, we reported on Ari Lennox’s response to a very crass question she received while interviewing with the popular South African podcast, Podcast and Chill. 

In the interview, podcast host Mac G inappropriately asked Ari Lennox:

“Is someone f*****g you good right now.” 


After receiving backlash for a little over a week now, Mac G visited the Higher Learning podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay via video where he was confronted about the offense. 


Higher Learning Podcast


Host Van Lathan called Mac G to the carpet saying this: 

“I gotta call you out about the fact that you apologized to Ari, but then at the same time, you said that it was disingenuous what she was doing.”



Van Lathan


Van Lathan continued:

“To apologize and then to come back and on the end of it, talk about the fact that you felt like she was capping a little bit and being a little bit disingenuous … it depowers your apology a little bit. We can talk about what you feel like Ari and her team did, that’s very fair … But you saw what she went through on Twitter, you saw that she was embarrassed. That’s one of our sisters.”

Ari Lennox


Mac G nodded in agreement as Van Lathan went on to pose this question:

“If you had to say something to her right now to make her feel better about the fact that she had an interaction with you that was unpleasant for her, like what would you say?”

Mac G offered this response regarding the matter:

“I want to sincerely apologize for that question and how it made her feel and the aftermath of everything that came after that interview dropped. I’m not a malicious person, I don’t hate anyone, I don’t hate women. Our podcast is very inclusive.”


Ari Lennox

Offering an apology to any other women he may have offended, Mac G explained:

“I was raised by a single mother so I have the utmost respect for women and I would like to genuinely apologize to Ari and any other women out there I might have offended with those comments because that’s not what I’m about.”


Mac G concluded his apology explaining why he felt it was necessary, saying:

“With how things are right now where people can just take small clips and post it on social media to push their narrative, I felt it’s important to come on a platform like this and apologize to whoever might have been offended, especially Ari Lennox.”


How do you feel about men holding other men accountable when it comes to women? What are your thoughts about the apology? Contribute to the conversation in the comments!


Authored by: Nikki T