Travis Scott – Family Of Youngest Astroworld Victim, 9-Year-Old Ezra Blount, Criticizes The Rapper For Stopping Concert At Coney Island

Ezra Blount, Travis Scott

Travis Scott – Family Of Youngest Astroworld Victim, 9-Year-Old Ezra Blount, Criticizes The Rapper For Stopping Concert At Coney Island

Travis Scott has been called out by one of the families who lost a loved one at his Astroworld festival last year — which ended in tragedy.

Rapper Travis Scott is facing criticism by the family of the youngest Astroworld victim, 9-year-old Ezra Blount, for stopping his latest concert due to a rowdy crowd. Representatives for the family say it shows Travis Scott picks and chooses when to put the safety of his fans first.

Travis Scott

On July 4, the 31-year-old entertainer stopped his show at Coney Island after some fans climbed up a lighting truss during his set. Travis resumed his performance after telling concertgoers to climb down the equipment.

According to reports, Alex Hilliard, an attorney representing the family of Astroworld victim Ezra Blount, 9, believes Travis’ actions indicate that he “didn’t just learn” he has control over the crowds at his shows, and he chose not to exercise his power at Astroworld to settle the crowd surges down. Alex Hilliard said:

“He knows exactly how to keep his fans safe during a concert, but the problem with that is he didn’t just learn about the fact that he has control over the entire crowd.”

The rep continued:

“There are 10 people that would still be alive today, including young Ezra Blount, if Travis realized his responsibility as an artist goes further than just trying to rile up his crowds, and it reemphasizes the rule of ‘if you see something say something.’”

Ezra Blount

Following Travis’ Coney Island performance, his representative came out and said that he encouraged fans to listen to security so everyone could be safe and enjoy themselves. The rep said in a statement:

“Travis is committed to doing his part to ensure events are as safe as possible so that fans can have fun.”

It appears Alex Hilliard isn’t buying Travis’ acts of compassion at the July 4 Coney Island show. Hilliard struck back at the statement and said:

“The problem Mr. Scott has is his when we call him to the stand to swear him in and cross-examine him the judge will not allow his paid spokesperson to sit in the witness chair and answer questions for him.”

Travis Scott

As previously reported, last November Travis made headlines after his Astroworld music festival in Texas turned deadly. The singer faces several billion-dollar lawsuits for the Astroworld tragedy, where 10 concertgoers died from compression asphyxia during a massive crowd crush on November 5.

Travis Scott

Many people blame Travis for the event becoming as chaotic as it did because he continued to perform after eight people were crushed to death, despite the crowd begging for him to stop the show. Nearly an hour after a crowd surge was declared, concert producer Live Nation halted the show.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely