Cynthia Bailey Reveals The ‘Final Straw’ That Resulted In Separating From Her Estranged Husband Mike Hill: I Felt Like We Weren’t Friends Anymore

Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey Reveals The ‘Final Straw’ That Resulted In Separating From Her Estranged Husband Mike Hill: I Felt Like We Weren’t Friends Anymore

Cynthia Bailey is being straightforward about what led to the downfall of her marriage with Mike Hill.

Mike Hill & Cynthia Bailey

As previously reported, after two years of marriage “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” alum and Mike Hill confirmed their pending divorce by releasing a joint statement back in October. The former couple shared:

“LOVE is a beautiful thing. While we both will always have love for one another, we have decided to go our separate ways. No one is to blame, and we are grateful that we remain good friends. We will always cherish the many memories we’ve shared together as husband and wife.”

They added:

“Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and we appreciate our family, friends and beloved fans for your positive support as we move forward and start new chapters. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!”


Recently Cynthia Bailey appeared on “Two Ts in A Pod” podcast and was candid about what the “final straw” was before deciding to leave her marriage. The 55-year-old said:

“I felt like we weren’t friends anymore.” 

On Monday’s (Oct. 31) episode Cynthia Bailey continued:

 “I felt like it was just going toward we’re just not going to be friends if we didn’t pump the brakes.”

She added:

“This is not my first rodeo. I think friendship just has to be there in a marriage like, love is great, but friendship has to be there. I truly want to be with my best friend.”

Addressing where she is mentally, Bailey admitted:

“I do have good days and bad days.”

She elaborated:

“I don’t think either one of us regret our decision to move forward in the way we have decided to move forward,” she continued. “It’s not final yet. We’re still going through the process, so we’re still technically married. For me, there’s still just a lot of respect stuff on my end that I still feel like he’s my husband.”

She claimed:

“I took my ring off the day of the announcement but until then, I had it on all this time. Although, we were going through some things. It’s just weird, you guys. It’s just weird.”

Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey

Before finalizing their divorce the Alabama native said there’s “still a lot of husband and wife stuff” that they need to work on, but she confirmed that she is on good terms with Mike Hill. In a previous statement, regarding her upcoming divorce Bailey shared:

“God does not make mistakes! I truly believe in my heart Mike coming into my life was destiny. I jumped in, both feet first and gave it my all. Although that journey has come to an end, I am so grateful for our continued friendship, and the beautiful memories that we made together,” she continued. “God willing, I will find love again. Whatever is destined to be, will be; and I could not be more excited for my next chapter!”

Bailey concluded:

 “I pray my friends, family, and fans will continue to be along for the ride with me in this awesome thing we call ‘life!’ Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and well wishes.”

In a separate statement, Hill admitted he was “grateful” that his friendship with Bailey “remains rock solid” despite their breakup. He said:

“We’ve been thinking about going our separate ways for the last few months, so it was good for us both to have that time to process it all privately. I can smile knowing she’ll always be there for me as I will be for her.”

Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill