Wendy Williams Facing Lawsuit – Paparazzi Accuses Talk Show Host Of Making Him Look Like A Predator & Pedophile


Wendy Williams Show Producers Fighting Legal Battle Against A Paparazzi – Claims Show Made Him Seem Like A Child Predator

The Wendy Williams Show producers recently responded to a lawsuit from the paparazzi man suing them for defamation.

According to Radar Online, in the ongoing court battle, the Wendy Williams Show producers have asked a judge that all charges be dismissed against them, and Wendy Williams, in the case involving a paparazzi man by the name of Darryl Wilkins and actress Hilary Duff.

Wendy Williams

In September of last year it was reported that a paparazzi man was suing the talk show host and producers for the segment he claims made him look like a child predator. During her popular hot topics segment, Wendy Williams discussed an incident where former Disney star Hilary Duff confronted Darryl Wilkins, and called him “creepy” for arriving at her son’s early morning soccer game to, according to Wilkins, practice his photography.

In a recorded video later posted to her Instagram, Hilary Duff is heard asking Darryl Wilkins who he knows on the team, and asking him “person to person” to practice his photography somewhere else.  Wilkins rebutted that what he was doing was perfectly legal and that Duff’s “paranoia was unwarranted”. The incident quickly made headlines and became the topic of a lot of conversation, including being the subject of Wendy Williams hot topics segment.

The Wendy Williams Show

In the lawsuit, court documents state that Wilkins is suing Wendy Williams and show producers because:

“The show made him like a sexual deviant, predator, and pedophile — all which hurt his reputation.”

And argues against Duff:

“The words uttered were false statements because [Wilkins] is not a pedophile or child predator and was attempting to take photos as a photographer and not as a Paparazzi or stalker or with malice, intent or evil wrongdoing,”

Darryl Wilkins

However show producers claim that none of Wendy’s remarks were defamatory, and is asking the court to dismiss all claims in the lawsuit. The show producers also say that Wendy simply discussed and offered her opinion on the incident and in no way trashed or defamed Wilkins.

They argue:

“The statements in the Wendy segment were protected by the First Amendment and cannot be the basis of slander or libel claims.”

It was been unconfirmed how much Wilkins is seeking in alleged damages.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson