NYPD Says City’s Drill Music Scene Is Fueling Gun Violence Between Rival Gangs

NYPD Feels City’s Drill Music Scene Is Fueling Gun Violence Between Rival Gangs

Is drill music to blame for the latest string of gun violence in New York City?

According to reports, The New York City Police Department feels that drill music is fueling criminal activity with young rappers in the area. Drill music is defined as a style of hip-hop that contains trap-influenced beats and tends to feature cryptic lyrics. The popular style of rap reportedly started in Chicago in the 2010s but has since expanded and can now be heard around the world.

During a recent interview, NYPD Deputy Chief Joseph Gulotta shared his beliefs that drill music has had a hand in New York City’s recent rise of gang-related gun violence. He said,

“The music definitely inflames the situation. But these are gang shootings. I think sometimes rap and the lyrics ignite, cause some issues. But I don’t think that’s the underlying motive at the end of the day.”

He added,

“These are ongoing gang disputes in the same geographical area,’ Gulotta said. ‘Can they be connected? They sure could. These are longstanding beefs between these groups and they’re right there on top of each other.”

Reportedly, murders are down in New York City by nearly 13 percent at this time over last year, but shootings have increased almost 30 percent. In addition to that, overall crime in the area has increased 41.65 percent.

Chief Gulotta also shared during his interview that drill rappers will often put details about crimes within their songs. He said,

“They’ll talk about what they’re going to do. They’ll talk about the past.”

He added,

“You’ve got all kinds of crazy alliances with these gangs. You’ve got Crips that align with Folk. A lot of this deals with geography and where you live. We’re very concerned about the level of violence.”

According to reports, the latest drill rapper who was fatally shot was 22-year-old Tdott Woo, born Tahjay Dobson. The young entertainer was reportedly killed due to a drive-by shooting that took place in Brooklyn on February 1. Tdott Woo was killed just hours after signing a recording contract with Million Dollar Music. According to officials, despite Tdott Woo
not being in the Police Department’s gang database, he was affiliated with members of the G Stone Crips, a Canarsie-based gang.


It’s unclear if there is a direct correlation between gang activity and drill music in New York City. Other factors that could have a hand in the city’s recent rise of gang-related gun violence are; increased tensions between the police and public, unemployment rates, soft-on-crime politicians, and bail reform.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel