EXCLUSIVE: Trae Tha Truth – Mother Of Rapper’s Child Allegedly Isn’t Trying To Keep Their Daughter Away From Him & Is Receiving Death Threats Over His Claims, According To Insider

Trae Tha Truth

EXCLUSIVE: Trae Tha Truth – Mother Of Rapper’s Child Allegedly Isn’t Trying To Keep Their Daughter Away From Him & Is Receiving Death Threats Over His Claims, According To Insider

The ongoing drama between Trae Tha Truth and the mother of his child, Heather Cuevas, lives to see another day.

Heather & daughter Truth

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports more details surrounding the parenting battle between Trae Tha Truth and his child’s mother Heather Cuevas. Earlier this year Trae Tha Truth, born Frazier Thompson III, made claims that his ex is keeping their daughter, 3-year-old Truth Thompson, away from him for unjustified reasons. Since then the Texas native has been pretty vocal about his fight to reconnect with his young child.

Trae Tha Truth

However, some of the things the ‘Off Top’ rapper has said as he’s shared his side of things has seemingly landed him in some trouble and sources tell us that he’s now reportedly being sued for defamation by the mother of his daughter. According to the lawsuit, Trae has allegedly maligned Heather Cuevas’ reputation on Instagram and is using their child as a pawn in their ongoing dispute. In addition to that, Cuevas’ Van Nuys Superior Court lawsuit alleges intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil harassment.

On Friday (Feb. 19) Trae appeared on The Breakfast Club and further explained the issues he has with Cuevas. According to Trae, for the past 4 months, Cuevas has been making it difficult for him to spend one on one time with Truth. He continued and said that he’s sharing his personal life online because he wants his daughter to know,

“not a day went by that I didn’t fight for you.”

He added that he frequently flies to his daughter’s home city, Los Angeles, so he can bring her to Texas to spend time with him. However, she allegedly never brought her to the airport as planned. Trae also mentioned an alleged phone call he had with his daughter where she told him, “Daddy I want to come home” but when he asked the 3-year-old to repeat her comment she seemed nervous.

However, according to our sources, Cuevas has a different story to tell. Reportedly, the phone call conversation between Trae and Truth didn’t go as he depicted. Allegedly, Truth was responding to her dad’s question asking if she was watching TV, and she answered “I am not in my home” and never said,

“Daddy I want to come home.”

An insider shared exclusively with theJasmineBRAND that Cuevas believes her ex is allegedly using their co-parenting dispute as a way to promote his latest album ‘Truth Season: The United Streets of America,’ to gain sympathy from his fans, and sell merch on his website.

Another insider shared that Cuevas is allegedly undergoing serious harassment from Trae’s fanbase and is dealing with death and kidnapping threats from her ex’s supporters. Because of this, she and Truth have allegedly not been able to return to their home out of fear for their safety.

According to reports, despite what Trae claimed during his latest interview, Cuevas has provided written documents that explicitly explain why there have been hiccups with Truth visiting her dad in Texas. Reportedly, due to COVID concerns, Cuevas has requested that visits temporarily take place in Trae’s Los Angeles home, however, he allegedly refused. Sources also tell us that Cuevas is obligated to pay for her own flights to pick up Truth from Houston.

However, reportedly her income has taken a significant hit due to the impact COVID has had on her business and that’s not something she can do at the moment. Allegedly, Cuevas has informed Trae of her financial situation and his only response was that Truth can just stay in Texas.

Trae Tha Truth and daughter Truth Thompson

This week (Feb. 20), Trae took to his IG and shared a post claiming that while he waited for his daughter to show up at the airport over the weekend he was served with a restraining order.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel