Saucy Santa Talks Hustling, Previously Coming Out As Bisexual, And Once Being Intimate With A Woman In New Interview

Saucy Santa Says He Previously Came Out As Bisexual, Once Had Sex With A Woman & Still Gives Ex Girlfriends Money For Their Kids [VIDEO]

Saucy Santa is dishing on his life before success.

While talking with podcast host Damona from the Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast, the Florida rapper spoke on hustling, sexuality, and dating all the baddest girls in high school.

Saucy Santana

“Material Girl” rap artist Saucy Santana has been a hot topic since debuting his single “Walk Em Like a Dog” back in 2019. Since, the entertainer has amassed a following of over 700,000 users on instagram alone, and has celebrated success from a few viral hits.

Now, the 28-year-old artist is opening up with fans about his life before fame. In a recent interview, Santa discussed working at 16 while in high school. Admitting that at the time, he had come out as bisexual.

He stated:

“Before entertainment I was a hustler….I graduated highschool….I was 17….I had came out as bisexual at first….just thinking like if I come out as bisexual, b***es will get the clue. “

Saucy Santana

The Tik Tok star goes on to say that during his highschool time he dated all the baddest girls at school. Later, Santana revealed he has only been intimate with one girl ever in his life, and that he still keeps in touch with past girlfriends stating:

“I was dating girls….I used to have all the baddest b***es in highschool….I still to this day send some of my highschool girls Cashapp and stuff for they kids”

Then continued:

“But I wasn’t really f***g no h**es….I f***ed one girl….ever….nobody know that….”

Santa goes on to say that while he enjoyed the young lady’s “wet and warm” intimates, he knew after that time one was enough.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson