‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Defends Will Smith, Says She Would Have Liked To Smack Wendy Williams & Tamron Hall [VIDEO]

‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Defends Will Smith, Says She Would Have Liked To Smack Wendy Williams & Tamron Hall [VIDEO]

Janet Hubert is weighing in on the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar controversy!

Hubert–who played the role of Vivian Banks on the original ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ series for three seasons –has never been afraid of speaking her mind.  The Philly-born actress known as the “original Aunt Viv” is now coming to the defense of her former co-star Will Smith, 53. After the controversial moment between Smith & Chris Rock took place, Janet Hubert, 66, took to Instagram Sunday night (Mar.27) to show her support to the “King Richard” actor.

“So PROUD OF YOU! Yes, there is only so much one can take…sometimes you have to slap back. Celebrate the win…nothing else matters. Both actions were incorrect but Chris didn’t need to go there.”

Hubert went on to throw some of her own shade at Chris Rock,

“Met him [Chris] once…. it was enough for me…. very mean spirited.” 

It appears she isn’t done yet! On Tuesday (Mar.29), Janet Hubert made another post, this time addressing certain social media users for “coming for people” in the entertainment industry. She also addressed people who accused her of sucking up to Will Smith.

” Some of yall need to stop coming for people on their IG page and talking all kinda smack and thinking we’re not going to smack back..Will Smith is a grown a** man and I’m a grown a** , old a** woman and he aint gotta tell me what to say, I’m not kissing nobody’s a** but I will kick it!.. Sometimes you go too far….”

She continued,

“There’s been quite a few people who I wanted to smack but I didnt. I would of if I could of. Wendy Williams, Kevin Frazier, Michael Yo, Tamron Hall, quite a few. But I chose to do it verbally.”

While they are now on good terms, things haven’t always been peaceful between Will Smith and Janet Hubert. The two recently reconciled in 2020 during an HBO Max Reunion special for the ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’. During their talk, Janet Hubert confronted Will Smith for suggesting she was “difficult” after she left the show following its third season. She also revealed that she was pregnant and suffering an abusive marriage in reality.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole