T.I. Spotted Lashing Out At Comedian For Joking About Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Him And Tiny: Don’t Play With Me About That! [VIDEO]

T.I. and Tiny

T.I. Lashes Out At Comedian For Joking About Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Him And Tiny

T.I. has had it up to here with the commentary about the sexual abuse allegations against him and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, fully lashing out against a comedian who made a joke about them.

What the person said exactly is unclear, but in video floating around online, T.I. can be seen talking into a microphone and telling them to “shut the f*ck up.”


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He continued:

“Listen, as many times as you joke on that sh*t, I’m gon’ check your motherf*ckin’ a** as long as it takes. N*gga, when you stop talking about it and playing with me and mine, I’m gonna stop saying something. N*gga, ain’t no motherf*ckin’ case, ain’t never been no motherf*ckin’ case ’cause I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing with me n*gga, I’m gonna motherf*ckin’ continue to confront you publicly, verbally…”

T.I. & Tiny

Interjecting, the comedian said they actually believe T.I. and Tiny are “innocent,” but T.I. wasn’t hearing it.

“I don’t want to hear none of that sh*t. Don’t play with me ’bout that!” he shouted back.

But the comedian defended themselves, telling T.I. that nothing is off-limits at a comedy show. Seeming to understand, T.I. approached the stage and the two hugged it out.


T.I. and Tiny were accused in 2021 of abusing more than 10 women. The couple, who married in 2010 and have a blended family of seven, have denied the allegations against them on more than one occasion, calling them “baseless and unjustified.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart