T.I. Booed On Stage During Barclays Performance, Later Tells Michael Blackson: I Loved It!


T.I. Gets Booed On Stage During Barclays Performance, Later Tells Michael Blackson: I Loved It!

Seems like this crowd wasn’t a fan of T.I.’s jokey jokes.

The new found comedian was recently booed on stage while giving a show in New York.

It’s been a few months since popular rap artist T.I.’s wife, Tamika “Tiny” Harris, revealed his journey into the comedy sphere. The 41-year-old musician has appeared in a few small laugh factories, but recently partook in the April Fools Comedy Jam at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn – a much bigger stage. The show featured many well known comedians such as Nick Cannon, B. Simone, Michael Blackson, Rip Michaels and more.


During the show fans began to share clips of the “Live Your Life” artist seemingly being heckled by audience members.

At one point in one of the videos, one attendee can be seen physically getting out of her see to hoot at the rap star.

The southern rapper addressed the situation on an Instagram live with fellow jokester Michael Blackson. After being asked if it felt good to be booed, T.I. responded:

“YES!… I loved it!”

He continued:

“I didn’t think they were booing me, I felt like they were booing me as ‘I dare you to be more funny….I dare you to overcome this, I dare you to do better.’ I feel like that’s what they challenged me to do and I did it.”


T.I. goes on to reveal the joke that sounded off criticizers. He explained that he told the crowd to raise their hands if they hear a word they don’t understand and he’ll give the definition. Continuing, he says:

“Usually when the hand raises and I offer them the definition, there’s a laugh and a cheer. This particular time, in the Barclary’s, the word was anonymity….The conversation was, fame sucks, enjoy your anonymity while you can. Someone raised their hand and I said thank you….cause everyone else wanted to know the definition but didn’t want to raise their hand. Anonymity is the act of remaining anonymous.”

He continued:

“As soon as I give the definition, booed.”

Though some may have succumbed to the pressures of the annoyed audience, T.I. explains how he managed to complete his set. He shared how fellow comics such as Dave Chappelle and Michael Blackson himself prepared him for the moment, warning him that no matter what he thinks, at some point he’d be heckled.

Looks like they knew right.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson