NeNe Leakes Says She’s Being Blacklisted, Followed & Harassed: Stop Harassing Me, My Business And My Family!

Nene Leakes

NeNe Leakes Claims She’s Being Blacklisted, Followed & Harassed: Stop Harassing Me, My Business And My Family!

Reality TV star Nene Leakes believes she’s being targeted.

In a set of tweets, the former “RHOA” cast member alleges she’s being followed and blacklisted for speaking her truth among other things.

Nene Leakes

The allegations came after Nene Leakes, 54, retweeted a clip of her former castmate Kandi Burruss, 45 being interviewed. In the clip, “Kandi & The Gang” star Kandi Burruss is asked about NeNe seemingly shading the new Bravo series. Kandi states:

“I don’t want this to become a big shade throwing contest between she and I….but I do not understand why she does that.”


She continued:

“Back when she did have a show, me and her wouldn’t even be on the same page and I would still be telling people to watch her show….I don’t understand why her, I understand why her fans be treating me like I’m stopping her from doing something….What is my show stopping you from doing, nothing!”

The Xscape singer goes on to explain that shows have to be pitched and are only sometimes approved by the network.

“People always want to know ‘why she get these shows’….We pitch our shows! A lot of them don’t pitch shows. A lot of them just sit there and think, I’m so great that Bravo should put a show in my lap….Me and my husband we come up with these ideas and we pitch them. Sometimes the network is for it, sometimes they aren’t.”

Kandi Burruss & Husband Todd Tucker

However it seems like NeNe isn’t buying it. Shortly after retweeting the video, the actress tweeted:

“They always Blacklist you when you tell the truth”

The TV personality interacts with supportive fans before claiming she’s being harassed and followed:

“Stop harassing me, my business and my family! Stop having me followed, stop blacklisting black women for speaking the truth, stop paying off attorneys to not file discrimination claims! STOP IT”

Earlier last week, NeNe posted a cryptic message to her instagram page about supporting black women, restricting any comments.

According to Black America Web, NeNe believes her turbulent relationship with Bravo and Andy Cohen has left her blacklisted. The reality star even inserted “BLACKLISTED” as part of her Instagram and Twitter bio.

While allegations of being blacklisted can’t be confirmed, it’s notable that the star was rumored to be cast in this past season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Much to fans disappointment, the RHOA vet didn’t make the final cut. However, fans will at least get to see NeNe in the celebrity reboot of “College Hill”.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson