Renni Rucci Says Latto “Been A Fan” & Asks Audience To Choose Between Them, Latto Seemingly Responds [VIDEO]

Renni Rucci, Latto

Renni Rucci Says Latto “Been A Fan” & Asks Audience  To Choose Between Them, Latto Seemingly Responds [VIDEO]

Looks like there’s some leftover beef between rappers Renni Rucci and Big Latto.

Renni Rucci, 30, was a recent performer on the game show web series The Baddie Olympics, where she got to ask contestant questions. Opening, Renni Rucci states:

“I got the first question. I’m trying to see who finna f**k with me, Renni Rucci or Mulatto?”


The video clip seemingly got Latto’s attention, as the Atlanta rapper soon after posted subtle shots of her own. In one post, Latto, 23, captioned a set of pictures:

“Speak on me for clout tryna drag it that’s ya only hype”

The caption is a line from the “Energy” artists song “Beatbox 2” where she allegedly dissed Renni Rucci. A clip of the record was also posted to Latto’s story.


Renni Rucci

Back in 2021, the two exchanged diss records after fans speculated that Latto called out Renni for putting “The Biggest” in her instagram bio. In her line from “Beatbox 2”, Latto rapped:

“ain’t nothing big about y’all h*es so if the b*tch name not Latto don’t put big in front of it.”

To which Renni responded with her own freestyle on Latto’s “Beatbox 2” rapping:

“I been counting Benjamins, look like I hit the lotto. B*tch, you know just what the business is, I’ll really hit the lotto.”

In a now deleted post, Renni seemingly responded to Latto’s recent post with previous conversations they’ve had. In the messages, the two musicians are seen praising one another and discussing a collaboration. Renni captioned the post:

“B****es have really dragged it long enough you been a fan and I ain’t EVER been a hater!”

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Latto  opted not to issue a response to Renni’s deleted post.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson