Cedric The Entertainer Recalls Spontaneously Recording For Jay Z’s Song ‘Threat’: I Just Freestyled That Sh*t!

Cedric The Entertainer, Jay Z

Cedric The Entertainer Recalls Spontaneously Recording For Jay Z’s Song ‘Threat’: I Just Freestyled That Sh*t!

Actor and comedian Cedric The Entertainer is sharing how his collab on Jay-Z’s iconic “The Black Album” came to be.

The stand-up comic recently joined the FAQ Podcast where he recounted the random moment. Cedric ‘The Entertainer’ Kyle explained the then uncredited feature was the result of asking the iconic rap artist if he could join a future studio session. He stated:

“I ran into Jay Z many times….I just remember seeing him one time and told him like ‘I love to see how artists work, especially music artists work in the studio….he was like ‘oh you’re welcomed’,”

He continued:

“I hit them up I was in New York and I just wanted to go and he invited me to the studio. It was just one of them days it was random.”

The 58-year-old actor continues, sharing how he told Jay Z of a vision he had of doing a skit on the album, with the “Empire State Of Mind” artist respectfully declining. Cedric stated:

“I pitched him an idea he was on his way out and I was like yo man, I’ve been having this funny idea of doing the Beverly Hills Cop thing with you….He was like, ‘Oh, that’s funny. I like that. But I’m working on this song called ‘Threats’ that I need somebody just threatening people on’,”

He continued:

 “I was like, ‘aight’. So then he left and it was me and [Young] Guru…I just went in there and freestyled that sh*t! Just was making it up, having a good time.”

Cedric then goes on to reminisce when he was told the impromptu skit actually made the musician’s album. Smiling he recalled:

“That was a crazy call….He [Guru] hit me like ‘yo Ced….that sh*t made the album’….I was like what n***a?!”

Cedric The Entertainer

Laughing, he continued:

“Imma be on the Black Album n***a?!….That sh*t was legendary dog.”


Jay Z’s The Black Album released in 2003, and featured two of the artists biggest singles “99 Problems” and “Dirt Off Your Shoulders”. Young Guru, who engineered the record, echoed Cedric’s feelings about the memorable moment, following his FAQ appearance. Via instagram, Guru wrote:

“@cedtheentertainer man we had a great time making that song. First off I was super excited that @9thwonder had the possibility of making the album. @cedtheentertainer is really a ‘King of Comedy’ because he did at least 30 minutes of complete freestyle. That night was one for the books.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson