City Girls Rapper JT Lashes Out At Critics Who Suggest She Was Unattractive Before Becoming Famous

JT of City Girls

City Girls Rapper JT Lashes Out On Social Media

JT recently sounded off to a social media user that had something to say about her posts and her critics.

On Saturday (May 28), rap artist JT, born Jatavia Johnson, fired off a series of tweets on Twitter aimed at critics who had something negative to say about her appearance and her reaction. However, not everyone was keen of JT defending herself, in which the Miami-based rapper did not take lightly.

The following morning (May 29), JT took to Twitter to address a social media user that appears to have stated her distaste for the City Girls’ member arguing with online critics. The initial tweet that caught JT’s attention seems to be one that reads,

“JT really be going back and forward with regular civilians on this app and I truly do not like that for her.”

The user added,

“Girl it’s giving stressed and depressed cus ain’t no wayyyyyyyy.”

Shortly after, JT seized to clap back without even mentioning or quoting the user’s post. She went to the user’s profile and grabbed a photo in which she used to throw shade at the critic to her 2 million Twitter followers. JT tweeted,

“WOODY, I’m not gone even @ you. Keep my name off your twitter. The only thing that’s stressing & depressing is your big a** dressed like a toy story character!”

Another social media user chimed in and quoted JT’s tweet,

“The irony in this is she looked very similar before she was famous.”

JT fired back and said,

“This girl looks nothing like me & I
never said she was ugly y’all be quick to say before I was famous! I been that b*tch check my Facebook tf!”

In response, a Twitter user posted the 29-year-old rapper’s various mugshots. JT continued,

“Was that b*tch like I said!! P*ssy
keep running your mouth I’ll fill in the 9th space.”

It appears this isn’t the first time JT has had an interaction with the woman she blasted on her profile page.

Amid the argument between JT and the social media user, a tweet from the woman’s page resurfaced online that seemingly refers to a prior time hip hop artist JT has checked the woman for her critique online.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely