Michael Blackson Says His Fiancee Is A Freak: She Enjoyed Watching Me Sleep With Women

Michael Blackson Says His Fiancee Is A Freak: The Thing About It Early In The Relationship She Enjoyed Watching Me Sleep With Women

Michael Blackson and his fiancee, Rada Darling, don’t mind having extra company in the bedroom from time to time. 

Michael Blackson, 49, recently appeared on “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast and discusses other women turning Rada Darling on in the bedroom.

Michael Blackson says:

“My girl is like, Rada is a freak, okay? The thing about it, early in the relationship, she enjoyed watching me sleep with women.”

The Ghanian/Liberian-American comedian continues:

“You know, she did. In fact, when me and her having sex, what makes her cum, when I tell her what I did with the last person.”

During his interview with “The Breakfast Club” last July, Blackson publicly proposed to Rada Darling. Darling said “yes” and follows her statement screaming:

“Bye side b*tches!”

Blackson adds:

“90% of the side bitches, bye bye!”

Darling recently explained in an interview with The Shade Room why she accepts Blackson having side chicks:

“The reason why, it’s not even allowing, it’s more. I’ve been in a long term relationship and I’ve said this before. You having sex with the same individual for years, it gets boring and I just wanted some excitement in the bedroom. I feel like when he has these extracurricular activities or when we have extracurricular activities together, it makes our sex life that more amazing and it’s been proven every single time. Like, we get back together and we have such amazing sex and that’s kind of what’s priority for me and yeah I’m a freak but everybody is. It’s just they don’t talk about it and I’m open and I’m direct. You ask me something, I’ll tell you there’s nothing to hide. I mean what’s a joy of life when you can’t be yourself, you know?

Blackson was asked if Darling is allowed to have sexual relations with other men:

“Um, well you know what, Rada she’s only interested in one penis, she only handles one. I mean, She’s allowed to have any female she wants.”

He continues:

“Not a man. Cause she don’t want a man and we don’t need another penis in the relationship.”

By the looks of it, Blackson is still making his fiancee happy while making time for his side pieces.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill