Kanye West Changes His Anti-NFT Stance & Files Multiple Yeezus Trademarks For ‘Metaverse Experiences’ & NFT Marketplace

Kanye West

Kanye West Changes His Anti-NFT Stance & Files Multiple Yeezus Trademarks For ‘Metaverse Experiences’ & NFT Marketplace


It looks like Kanye West has changed his mind and is giving in to the NFT craze!

According to reports, Kanye West, 44, made multiple U.S. federal trademark registration filings for Yeezus late last month. Potential fields of use listed among the filings include board games, action figures, Christmas tree ornaments, face masks, retail stores, computer goods, plush toys, subscription services, nail polishes, facial makeup, video game software, amusement park rides, and much more.

The “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” rapper filed trademark applications for “blockchain-based non-fungible assets,” “currencies and tokens,” and “online retail store services featuring … digital art” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on May 27. According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Kanye West filed 17 new trademark applications under his ‘Yeezus’ name. Gerben took to social media to share the list of trademark filings.

The filing comes just months after Kanye West announced his disinterest in NFT (Non-fungible token) projects in a handwritten letter posted to his Instagram account on Feb. 1–which has since been deleted. The public letter stated that the Chicago rapper’s focus was on “building real products in the real world.” While Kanye seemed adamant in his letter that he would not be jumping into the NFT space anytime soon, he did suggest that he might eventually have a change of heart. In the now deleted post, he ended the letter by encouraging fans to “ask me [about NFTs] later.”

Kanye West

As celebrity NFT projects and endorsements become increasingly popular, trademark filings have become a common way for celebrities to make an initial claim. In April, legendary soccer player David Beckham submitted three metaverse and NFT-related trademark applications. Several notable celebrities have come out and announced their interest in the new popular revenue stream including Steve Harvey, Jay-Z, Tory Lanez, Timbaland and Snoop Dogg to name a few.

Boycott Steve Harvey Petition Launched

Steve Harvey


Kanye West’s change of heart for NFT’s might mark yet another successful business deal for the rapper turned entrepreneur. Some of Kanye’s notable business ventures include his lucrative multi-year deal to design sneaker brand Yeezy for Adidas and his successful partnership with Gap creating his own line of  Yeezy clothing designs for the retail giant.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole