Diddy’s New Single “Gotta Move On” Addresses Breakup With Cassie

Diddy’s New Single “Gotta Move On” Reflects Breakup With Cassie 

Diddy is ready to move on from his past!

Diddy, born Sean Combs, dropped his first single in six years on Friday (June 17) in relation to his breakup with Cassie, 35, after dating on and off for 11 years. The single, titled “Gotta Move On,” features singer Bryson Tiller and sends a message of Diddy, 52, being happy that Cassie has moved on and he’s going to be doing the same.

Cassy, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (circa 2016)

As the song comes to an end, Diddy’s verse includes the lyrics:

“You found a new man, so I gotta move on. Guess you got a new agenda, with someone you barely know. I won’t say you’re wrong. Guess you had to move on.”

After Cassie and Diddy’s split in 2018, Cassie moved on to date and eventually married celebrity trainer, Alex Fine. The couple now shares two daughters, Frankie Fine and Sunny Cinco Fine. Diddy felt betrayed, alleging Cassie hooked up with Alex fine before they separated. Cassie denied all allegations. 

Cassie and Alex Fine wedding

The 52-year-old music mogul executive produced the Billboard Music Awards which was held on Sunday (May 15) in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his introduction he announced he’s going back to his first love, music.

Diddy says:

“I went through some of my hard times like we all did, and it’s like, you know, I got away from my first love. Never get away from your first love, biggest mistake! Don’t listen to the internet, none of that. Stick with your first love, and I’m back to making music ya’ll. I’m back to making music.”


According to reports, “Gotta Move On” will appear on Diddy’s next album which will be released this summer. Diddy has signed an album deal with Motown Records. The upcoming album will be the first release from his record label, Love Records, in partnership with Motown.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill