RHOA Kim Zolciak-Biermann Talks NeNe Leakes’ Bravo Lawsuit: I’ll Deal With Her When She’s Done With Them

RHOA Kim Zolciak-Biermann Talks NeNe Leakes’ Bravo Lawsuit: I’ll Deal With Her When She’s Done With Them

Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn’t pleased with being cited in NeNe Leakes’s continuing lawsuit with Bravo.

For the first time in a recent interview, Kim Zolciak-Biermann discusses being included in the lawsuit. 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann, 44, says:

“I mean she knows what she’s saying is not true in regards to me. That’s ridiculous, and she knows it.”

The reality star continues:

“So I’ll deal with her when she’s done with them.”

Kim Zolciak Threatens To Sue NeNe Leakes

Kim & NeNe circa 2014

NeNe Leakes and Kim’s friendship started prior to them filming the first season of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” in 2008. During the first few seasons of the reality show, NeNe Leakes and Kim fell out many times which fueled most of the drama for the show. Kim left after season five and on the show’s reunion she stated:

“There’s always this level of respect between NeNe and I no matter what’s gone on. We knew each other before this and we make each other madder than anybody else.”

Kim returned to the show for season 10. The two were in a good place until Kim compared NeNe’s home to a “roach nest.” Leakes labeled Zolciak-Biermann racist and other cast members agreed that her comment was racially insensitive. Zolciak-Biermann denied their claims and stated to have legal counsel against Leakes because of this issue.

By the fall of 2018, the two rekindled their friendship after Kim reached out to NeNe to show support after NeNe’s husband Greg Leakes was diagnosed with cancer. After Greg Leakes died in September 2021, Kim continued to be there for her friend.

Following the death of her husband, NeNe announced her exit from RHOA for it’s 12th season:

“I have made the very hard and difficult decision to not be a part of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 13. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. It was hard. I started on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ in 2008. We took off like a rocket. I mean, we took off. You could have never told me that I would start on this little show and it still be going strong 13, 14 years later. And it is. I’m just so happy that I can say that I was a part of a genre that opened up doors for Black ensemble reality shows to step up and be a part of what we all now love so much, reality TV.”

In April, NeNe filed a complaint against Bravo, NBCUniversal, Andy Cohen, and RHOA production stating they kicked her off of the show.

Leakes, 54, alleged:

“NBC, Bravo and True foster a corporate and workplace culture in which racially-insensitive and inappropriate behavior is tolerated if not, encouraged.”

NeNe cited Zolciak-Biermann in the suit claiming that she made racist comments for years and received no consequences from the show executives. She is also alleging the defendants violated anti-discrimination laws as well as the violating of federal employment. 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill