Azealia Banks Accuses Beyoncé Of Erasing Her Contributions To House Music: “You Watch Everything I Do”

Azealia Banks Accuses Beyoncé Of Erasing Her Contributions To House Music: “You Watch Everything I Do”

Azealia Banks does not seem to be flattered that Beyoncé allegedly used her music to brainstorm for her upcoming album!

Azealia Banks took to Instagram Friday (June 24) to air her grievances on Beyoncé’s newly released song, “Break My Soul.” The song features elements of house and dance music.

As we previously reported, a source close to Beyoncé told Metro UK that she listened to various artists in the dance/house genre including Banks, for brainstorming purposes.

Azealia Banks

Azealia, who has been mostly creating house records her entire career, first uploaded text of her sharing a quote from a Metro UK article that claimed Beyoncé used Azealia’s music to “brainstorm” for upcoming songs.She wrote:

“Well, if you would share some of that hot sauce you have in your bag with me, Ester Dean and Stacey Barthe & let us all eat we’d give u the actual goods. We gotta eat and shine too. Can’t have your tribe worrying about rent and groceries while you discard them like the help.”

She followed with a longer text in her Instagram Story, calling her out because of the “brainstorming” with her early records, and accusing her of “glamorizing African Traditional Religions” and trying to make “an attention grab during pride month.”

She continued to write,

“You’re ‘brainstorming’ with six people to my early records, which are miles beyond whatever flaccid and insecure attempt you just made to try for an attention grab during pride month? When you don’t give a damn about the gays any other time of the year?”

Beyoncé – via British Vogue

The “212” rapper then posted audio of her ranting about her allegations that Beyoncé is trying to erase her from the house genre.

She said:

“Beyoncé has been trying to write me out of my own narrative for, like, years at this point. Like, this is so fucking weird. So, early Azealia Banks records. So what are you trying to do? Are you trying to encapsulate my music in time and say and say like, you know, it’s vintage or something, as if my last three releases have not whooped your ass. Are you kidding? As if I’m not showing major versatility and all of that. You want me to not be Yemaya so fucking badly. You want it to be Solange. You want it to be Chloe Bailey, Little Mermaid movie, and you don’t include Azealia Banks. Like, oh my fucking God. You’re a joke.”

“You’re so sneaky. You’re trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music, electronic music and all that and make it as if I’m…God knows who. Just encapsulate me in time. You’re a fucking creep. You’re a fucking creep, Beyoncé. And you watch everything I do.”

Before speaking her mind on Beyoncé’s new sound, Azealia Banks was receiving praise her longtime work in the house music genre. Social media users were comparing Drake and Beyoncé‘s new music to her previous work.

Beyoncé has yet to reply to any of Azealia‘s claims.

What do you think about Azealia calling out Beyoncé?

Authored by: Sunny Morgan