Update: Tory Lanez’s Motion For Bail Has Been Denied

Update: Tory Lanez’s Motion For Bail Has Been Denied

Update: (Sept. 14, 2023): Tory Lanez’s time behind bars won’t be ending anytime soon.

As previously reported, earlier this month the 31-year-old requested to be released on bail as he appeals the verdict in his shooting case. You may recall Tory was convicted on three felony charges for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Today (Sept. 14) a judge officially denied Tory’s request to be released. According to legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff — who has covered the case in great detail — Judge David Herriford rejected the motion due to the “violent felony” Tory was found guilty of. In addition, Judge Herriford noted the Canadian entertainer’s “history of violating court orders” and the fact that Tory is a deportation risk as he’s not a United States citizen.

Reportedly, after the ruling was announced, Tory “grinned at his supporters” before being escorted out of the courtroom.



Original Story: (Sept. 3, 2023): Congratulations seem to be in order for rapper Tory Lanez.

According to a recent court filing, it appears the Canadian musician is officially married! He has reportedly wed his child’s mother Raina Chassagne.

Reportedly, the nuptials were discovered as part of Tory Lanez’s recent motion to be granted bail. The 31-year-old, real name Daystar Peterson, is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, 27, back in 20202. As we previously reported, legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff shared a recent court docket, seemingly showing that the “Hurts Me” singer’s legal team is preparing to appeal the lengthy jail stay. 

As a part of his motion, Lanez‘ legal team shared with the court judge his plans to move with his “wife” and child should he be granted bail. Cuniff uploaded an image of the new discovery, seemingly revealing Lanez has married his reported fiancée Raina Chassagne. Together, the couple reportedly share a six-year-old son named Kai. Cuniff wrote as a caption along with the image:

“From his sentencing hearing engagement announcement to his bail motion wedding announcement, Tory Lanez’s relationship status has advanced rapidly in the last few weeks. His fiancée is now his wife, according to the motion.”

With the legal document itself reading:

‘Mr. Peterson continues to have strong ties to the community, as shown through testimony at his sentencing hearing within this honorable court on August 7th and 8th, 2023. If released, he would live locally in the Los Angeles area, with his wife, Raina Chassagne, and their child, aged 6 years-old.”

Tory Lanez & Son Kai

And continuing:

“Upon receiving bail, Mr. Peterson’s wife and child will be relocating from Florida to Los Angeles, where the child will be regularly attending school. They will rent a home near Mr. Peterson’s father, step-mother, siblings, and their children.”

The marriage between Lanez and Chassagne seems to have happened sometime since his sentencing on August 8th. At this time it does not seem the mother of his son has spoken publicly about the union. It also doesn’t appear that Lanez’s legal team has addressed the situation either. Additionally, not much is known about the pair’s relationship, only that the two share a child together.

However, it’s noted that Chassagne has been one of the rapper’s staunch supporters throughout his trial. The newest celebrity wife reportedly gave an emotional plea prior to Lanez’s sentencing, reportedly hailing her then “ex-boyfriend” as “ambitious’ and “trusting”. It’s reported that after the music artist was given 10 years behind bars Chassagne was overcome with tears in court, needing to be consoled by nearby family and friends.

At this time, a judge has reportedly not decided on if Lanez’ will be given bail as he awaits an appeal decision. We will continue to update as more is revealed.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson