Yung Bleu Says He’s “Completely Innocent” After Being Arrested For Allegedly Choking A Woman During Custody Dispute 

Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu Says He’s “Completely Innocent” After Being Arrested For Allegedly Choking A Woman During Custody Dispute

Rapper Yung Bleu has spoken out following his detainment last week.

In a since deleted post, the 29-year-old proclaimed his innocence and warned fans that he’s allegedly being targeted after a woman reportedly accused him of physically assaulting her.

Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu, real name Jeremy Biddle, wrote in the now removed post:

“Lol the storm coming . I’m About to turn in this last album before I 100% own all my music catalogue. .. Just built my own 2 million dollar facility & started my own recording ,Marketing distribution , media and film company !…the FAKE NEWS , the slander, Ima keep going towards the end goal I got bigger goals than music!”

He continued:

“I’m off this internet thing but I will take the time to tell all my ladies that may be a fan of bleu. I cherish women and I’m completely innocent. Just no this about to be one of toughest times to be a fan of mines because ima about to go into another bracket as an OWNER and entrepreneur and people hate and you no! THEY. Hate that.”

According to a report, Bleu was arrested on October 15th after authorities responded to a 911 call in Gainesville, GA from a woman claiming the rapper harmed her while attempting to take a 10-year-old child. The “You’re Mine Still” artist is said to have shown up “unannounced”, and is accused of throwing her to the ground following an argument, injuring her right arm and hip. Reportedly, the individual said the musician took the child and returned shortly after. It doesn’t appear Bleu was present at the time police showed up, as it’s noted he later arranged to surrender to officials and was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Yung Bleu

The report notes that Bleu was taken in on a Sunday and released a few days later after posting his $2,400 bail. While the woman’s identify has not been revealed at this time, Bleu does share a son with his ex Shunna Phillips, who he was with prior to marrying his now wife Tiemeria who he shares three children with. Just last month, the musician was online apologizing to his spouse for being exposed by another woman who slammed him for flying her out and sending her home.

In a now removed post, Phillips once blasted the musician for “failing” as a father to their son Corbin. The post, along with Phillips social media account, however, has since been deleted.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson