Tyrese Announces Split From Social Media Influencer Zelie Timothy: She’s Verified Now & Wasn’t Ready To Be Married

Tyrese Announces Split From Social Media Influencer Zelie Timothy: She’s Verified Now & Wasn’t Ready To Be Married

Tyrese woke up in his feelings!

On Thursday (July 7) actor and singer Tyrese, born Tyrese Gibson, took it to Instagram to announce he’s single and his now ex-girlfriend Zelie Timothy is back on the market. Tyrese, 43, posted a video of a snake attempting to strangle a deer – seemingly comparing Zelie Timothy, 27, to the predator. In a lengthy caption Tyrese says:

“Stop trying to convince me that your daughter is not a SNAKE….. I just want to be released from this strong devilish allure the sexual seduction of a masterful manipulator who knows how to [ convince everyone that she’s not mean of there to KILL YOU ] please God RELEASE ME – RELEASE ME FROM YOUR POISON RELEASE FROM YIUR STRONG HOLD RELEASE ME I BELONG TO THE KINGDOM……. “

Tyrese continues:

“I have SO MUCH MORE WORK TO DO……….. I am single now and I want everyone to DM have fun with @zelietimothy she’s verified now and wasn’t ready to be married she still wanted to go BIG Zane live her best life……… I want to get married and settle down and really really NEST and embrace the COMFORTS of this FAMILY AND MARRIED LIFE………”

He adds:

“ I smoke hookah at home everyday so I don’t want to be in your clubs or around your women I want to stay home and be the hard working family man that I am.”

The entertainer continued to vent in another post. In his caption the ‘Baby Boy’ actor says:

“Damn I think I have a TYPE now……. She posted this not me………. I just follow the sexiest people on Instagram and get in trouble for “Liking” their post…….”

He continues:

I just wanna feed you and we go to church together I’m lost out here without my wife and family……. I can’t be stable if my HOME isn’t stable…. Stability is important I got the money I got the [ mansions ]”

Tyrese adds:

“I got whatever you need I just need to figure out how to GET married and STAY MARRIED for the rest of my life……… Who has the secret? I’m ready to listen and lean”

Tyrese and Zelie Timothy have been dating since the March of 2021. They previously broke up in September of 2021 when he posted a video of Zelie in a bathtub covered in soap suds. The singer/actor said:

“We had so much potential. We really did. I wish you well, ending on a good note is a good thing….. I will forever love you @zelietimothy cheers to you!!”

Zelie reposted the video and responded:

“You can’t force a man to respect you. But you can refuse to not be disrespected. I wish the very best for you I hope you figure it out.”

Zelie Timothy

After three and a half years of marriage, Tyrese and his estranged wife Samantha Lee Gibson called it quits. The ex-couple shares a three-year-old daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson. Three months before Tyrese announced their split Samantha Lee Gibson filed for divorce.

Tyrese,Samantha Lee

In December of 2020 in a lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese said:

“We have decided to make a statement of a painful and significant development in our lives. After much thought, consideration, and prayer, We unfortunately have made the difficult decision to officially separate & divorce. Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong coparents. We feel incrediblv blessed to have found each other and deeply grateful for the 4 ears we have been married to each other.” 

He continues:

“Our journey together has been a ride of both ups & downs, but it’s a journey that neither of us would have chosen to take with anyone else. We truly have so much love & respect for each other. We both have grown tremendously within this relationship; we have shared so many beautiful memories and moments, and we also look forward to see the amazing futures we have ahead of us individually.”

He adds:

“As if 2020 hasn’t already been extremely grueling and challenging to us all we wanted to mutually speak on this now to keep this energy in 2020 and not take this energy into 2021. We would really appreciate your most sincere prayers and to respect our privacy at this time as we deal with the reality of where we are. Thank you, Sincerely & Respectfully, Samantha & Tyrese Gibson”

Prior to Samantha Lee Gibson, Tyrese was married to Norma Mitchell from 2007 to 2009. The ex-couple shares a 14-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson. Their divorce battle was tough being that they extensively fought for the custody of their daughter. In 2017, Norma Mitchell got a temporary restraining order against Tyrese which also kept him away from Shayla Gibson. Norma Mitchell accused the singer of abusing Shayla Gibson.

Norma Mitchell, Tyrese Gibson (circa 2015)

A judge ultimately awarded Tyrese with 50/50 joint custody of his daughter and denied Mitchell’s request for a permanent restraining order.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill