Tyra Banks Was Given “Dancing With The Stars” Ultimatum: Accept Alfonso Ribeiro As Co-Host Or Be Fired

Alfonso Ribeiro, Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Was Given “Dancing With The Stars” Ultimatum: Accept Alfonso Ribeiro As Co-Host Or Be Fired

Tyra Banks is usually the one handing out ultimatums, but it appears as though the tables have turned.

Radar Online reported that the face of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ was given a firm choice: Co-host season 31 of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ with Alfonso Ribeiro … or be out of a job.

Tyra Banks

According to a source,

“Tyra was basically told that she would have to co-host the show with Alfonso or not host the show at all.”

They added,

“Tyra tried to host the show solo, and it just didn’t work. She thought her personality and talent would be enough, but viewers didn’t agree. Focus groups showed they missed the chemistry of two hosts working together. Obviously, Tyra wasn’t happy about the decision, but she had no choice, if she refused, she would have been shown the door.”

Tyra Banks was controversially hired for ‘DWTS’ in 2020 to replace fan favorites Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. While sources are saying something different, she seemed to be excited to be sharing screen time with Alfonso Ribeiro again all these years.

The pair previously appeared on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ during Tyra Banks‘ acting debut in the show’s fourth season.

She said,

“I’ve known Alfonso since I was 19 years old and he always puts a smile on my face whenever I see him.. Having such a fun-loving, longtime friend as co-host warms my heart. Plus, he’s won the competition before, so he knows exactly what the stars are going through. Bantering back and forth with him live is going to be so much fun!”

The given ultimatum may come as no surprise though to those who have witnessed Tyra receive cancellation requests due to her behavior on ‘ANTM.’ Sources close to ‘DWTS’ have also said she is a “nightmare” to work with and viewers despise her. They said,

“Alfonso has worked with Tyra before and knows what he is getting into. She might not [want] him around, but the good news is everyone else does.”

Alfonso Ribeiro, who is best known for playing Carlton Banks alongside Will Smith on the hit 90s sitcom [‘Fresh Prince’] took home the winning title for the dancing competition in 2014 and shared his excitement about re-joining the squad. He said,

“‘Dancing with the Stars’ has been such an important part of my life for so many years, and I am ecstatic to officially re-join this tight-knit family as cohost. Tyra and I have a longstanding friendship that I hope will resonate with all of the fans at home as we kick off this new season on Disney+.”

'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

Cast of ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’

Following consecutive seasons of low viewership, ‘Dancing with the Stars’—which aired on ABC Network since 2005—decided to make Disney+ its new home.

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