Amber Rose Says She Put Nicki Minaj on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’: He Wanted To Remove The Verse Because It Was ‘Too Good’ [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Kanye West

Amber Rose Says She Put Nicki Minaj on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’: He Wanted To Remove The Verse Because It Was ‘Too Good’ [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj’s rap verse for her feature on Kanye West’s song “Monster” appears to be one of her most known verses to date, and his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose recently revealed what led up to the iconic moment in hip-hop.

In a new interview on Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’s “Higher Learning” podcast, model-turned-rapper Amber Rose stopped by the show to discuss her upcoming album. The 38-year-old influencer shared with show hosts:

“Just know that this was not an overnight thing. I’ve been quiet, on purpose. I sat in the studio day and night. I have a good ear. I’ve A&R’d a bunch of amazing projects.”

Amber Rose

Amber Rose’s duties as an A&R representative caught the attention of show host Van Lathan, to which he asked for examples of projects that she’s overseen. Rose said:

“All my boyfriends, all of ’em.”

Van Lathan went on to point out her high-profile two year romantic relationship with music mogul Kanye “Ye” West, 45. Lathan followed with:

“You A&R’d for Ye?”

Kanye West

Rose responded:

“Absolutely! I put Nicki on ‘Monster.’ I put Nicki on ‘Monster.’ I put Nicki on ‘Monster,’ he didn’t know who Nicki was back then. I had Nicki pull up to the studio and I put her on ‘Monster.’”

Nicki Minaj

The television personality continued:

“She was still coming up, and I saw her in the studio and I said, ‘Oh my god, this b*tch is f*cking talented as hell.’ And then I went back to Kanye and I was like, ‘You need to get this girl Nicki on ‘Monster.’ And he was like, ‘Who? What? No. I’m not…” And I said, ‘Just let her pull up, what’s it going to hurt?’ […] She heard the song and then she came back the next day with the verse.”

Lathan then acknowledged the fact that Kanye West almost took the verse off the song, to which Rose agreed and said “because it was too good.” She added:

“He told me that the same day. He’s like, ‘How the f*ck did you bring in a b*tch that killed me on my own song?’”

As previously reported, rapper Nicki Minaj, 39, skipped over performing the popular song by West during her headlining set at the Essence Festival on July 2. While it is unclear what her issue was with the “All of the Lights” rapper, fans have been speculating since the clip went viral. In the clip, Nicki Minaj can be heard saying:

“Wait hold up, hold up, hold on, hold up – I’m monster-ed out, I’m monster-ed out, and we don’t f*ck with clowns.”

“Monster” is a song by hip-hop recording artist West, released as the third single from his fifth studio album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in 2010. The song features rappers Jay-Z, 52, Rick Ross, 46, and Minaj, along with indie folk group Bon Iver. The song debuted and peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at position 18.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely