Tina Lawson Says She’ll “Beat Your A** About Both” Of Her Daughters Solange & Beyonce

Tina Lawson Says She’ll “Beat Your A** About Both” Of Her Daughters

If it hasn’t already been clear that Ms. Tina Lawson and the Knowles sisters are extremely tight knit and have each other’s backs – Ms Tina just made it a little more concrete.

Tina, Solange, Beyonce

In a recent post to Instagram, Tina Lawson shared a video collage from two separate archived interviews of Solange Knowles and Beyonce Knowles where they both expressed their love for one another.  So much so, that they’re willing to go to blows over their sister.

Solange said,

“You cannot f* with my sister.  I may try to beat your a**. If I’m at a concert and I hear some chicks poppin’ off…”

Equally as passionate, Beyonce’s interview shared the same sentiment as her sister.  Beyonce expressed,

“If someone talks about my sister, I swear to you I’m ready to fight.”

She continued on,

“If my sister is happy, I’m even more happy.  If my sister is sad, I’m even more sad.”

Clearly, Ms. Tina doubled down on the feelings because her caption alongside the video that she posted stated,

Sisterly Love The Houston Way and Mama will beat your ass about both !!!!!! 

Though undoubtedly Tina Lawson has had to come to physical blows over her daughters, she has been known to verbally lash out in defense of her daughters on social media.

On May 30. Ms. Tina lashed out after commenters had unsupportive things to say about Beyonce after she uploaded a video demanding justice for George Floyd.

She stood up for her daughter, writing

“How about listening to the message! Instead of looking for something to complain and hate on . How many of you complainers have signed a petition called the District Attorney or any government official?”


Jay Z, Solange Knowles

Not too many people can forget the infamous 2014 elevator attack that Solange unleashed on Beyonce’s husband Jay Z at the Standard Hotel in NYC.  There were widely speculative rumors that she fought Jay Z amid trouble in his relationship to her sister.

Tell us, do you have this same kind of closeness with your family?  Drop your comments below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers