Lil Baby’s Child’s Mother Says She Still Suffers ‘Emotional Scars & Trauma’ From Dating The Rapper

Lil Baby, Ayesha Howard

Lil Baby – Child’s Mother Says She Still Suffers ‘Emotional Scars & Trauma’ From Dating The Rapper

Lil Baby’s ex and one of his children’s mothers, Ayesha Howard, recently got off her chest the effects of the failed relationship between her and the famed rapper.

On Thursday (July 28), Ayesha Howard, who is known on social media as Little Ms. Golden and the mother to the rapper’s oldest child, sparked controversy online after making a post about her trauma she experienced amid her relationship with Lil Baby, born Dominique Jones.

Ayesha Howard

Since the pair’s break up, it appears Ayesha Howard has not been able to open up and display her love or affection when dating other men. She took to Twitter and wrote:

“My Babydaddy f*cked me up, he’s the reason I don’t tap in emotionally when I deal with men.. I never want to feel that type pain and betrayal again so I’ve shut down on everybody even people who probably really love me.”  

She continued:

“I’m literally losing my favorite n*gga cause he said I’m not affectionate… I’m just trying to protect my heart tho.”

Following the few tweets, Ayesha’s comments were met with critics who had something to say regarding her past history with the Atlanta rapper. Some social media users suggested that she was not over Lil Baby and was still in love with him. A few hours later, Ayesha clarified that she’s not in love with the rapper, but is “still waiting to exhale.” She said:

“Don’t come on my twitter trying to tell me nothing about me and a N*gga y’all only know through your stereo air waves!! Don’t start being weird!”

Lil Baby

Ayesha shared:

“You don’t have to still be in love with someone to still suffer emotional scars and trauma from the experience!”

She added:

“Stop saying I’m not over my past because I am, but a b*tch still waiting to exhale.”

Lil Baby, 27, has two sons. He shares 6-year-old son, Jason, from a previous relationship with former girlfriend Ayesha. He later began dating his on-and-off girlfriend, social media influencer Jayda Cheaves. They share a 3-year-old son together named Loyal.

Lil Baby & his son Jason

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely