Jamie Foxx Says He ‘Had To Be Very Innovative’ In Order To Convince Cameron Diaz To Come Out Of Retirement

Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Says He ‘Had To Be Very Innovative’ In Order To Convince Cameron Diaz To Come Out Of Retirement

Jamie Foxx seemingly has a silver tongue that can talk you into anything.

Jamie Foxx has been credited with convincing “Charlie’s Angel” actress Cameron Diaz to come out of retirement and star alongside him in the upcoming Netflix movie “Back in Action.”

In a recent interview, Jamie Foxx unveiled the key to getting Cameron Diaz back in the spotlight. While chatting about his co-star he said,

“Cameron is such an incredible force and she has done so much in this business.”

Urban One Entertainment Icon Honoree Jamie Foxx at the URBAN ONE HONORS on Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Oxon Hill, MD at the MGM National Harbor.

Foxx explained in order to get Cameron Diaz to join his latest project he had to remind her how much fun working with him can be. He asked her,

“Do you wanna have some fun? Just have some fun! And I think that’s what brought her to it.”

He continued,

“We miss special moments sometimes, in our business, and I think this is a special moment. So we’re so happy that it’s happening and looking forward to it.”

Cameron Diaz

As previously reported Foxx also enlisted the help of NFL superstar Tom Brady. Foxx wanted Tom Brady to drop a few tips on how to un-retire as he un-retired himself earlier this year and returned back to the NFL. He addressed getting Brady to chat with Diaz and said,

“We had to be very innovative in how we, you know, brought her back.”

Tom Brady

Diaz announced her official retirement from acting back in 2018. On Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Heart,”  talk show she shared why she decided to step away from the blinding lights of Hollywood.

She said,

“When you do something at a really high level for a long period of time there are parts of your life that end up being handed off to other people.”

However, it appears that a fun project and the chance to work opposite Foxx was what she needed to return!

“Back in Action,” is reportedly an action comedy, and will be directed by Seth Gordon. Additional details about the film are being kept under wraps.

Cameron Diaz


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Authored by: M. Hairston