Rihanna Worried That A$AP Rocky’s Deadly Weapons Charge Could Take Him Away From Their Son: She’s Doing Her Best To Remain Calm, Says Source

Rihanna Worried That A$AP Rocky’s Deadly Weapons Charge Could Take Him Away From Their Son: She’s Doing Her Best To Remain Calm, Says Source

As A$AP Rocky’s court date approaches, Rihanna is reportedly feeling a lot of stress.

According to sources close to the prolific pair, A$AP Rocky is preparing for an upcoming hearing on August 17, for his previous assault-with-a-deadly-weapon charge, and Rihanna fears the repercussions of the accused crime may be severe.

The insider shared:

“She’s doing her best to remain calm ahead of Rocky’s hearing later this month. But it would be difficult for anybody in her position not to feel stressed with everything going on.”

A$AP Rocky, Rihanna

If you didn’t already know, on April 20, while returning from Barbados with Rihanna, A$AP Rocky was arrested at LAX in connection to a shooting that took place last year. Rocky was booked on a $550,000 bail but released the same day.

Allegedly, back in November, an unnamed victim told law officials that the “Praise the Lord” rapper shot at him three to four times, with a handgun, near Vista Del Mar and Selma Ave. in California. He also claimed that one of the bullets grazed his left hand.

Now, as Rocky readies for his appearance before the judge, if convicted, he could face around 14 years in jail for the felony.

ASAP Rocky

The possibility not only affects the 33-year-old but also singer-turned-businesswoman Rihanna, who he just welcomed a son with in May. Reportedly, the iconic entertainer is concerned that her child’s father could potentially be absent in his life if the court doesn’t rule in his favor. However, she is hoping for the best. The insider said:

“Rihanna couldn’t imagine life without Rocky around and she doesn’t even want to begin thinking about that. She’s feeling anxious and wishes this whole thing would be over already. She feels like their son needs his father to be present in his life and isn’t ready to imagine what their future potentially looks like at this point if Rocky has to go away.”

They added,

“She’s doing her best to stay strong for herself and Rocky, and just wants the best for her baby. She’ll stand by Rocky throughout this ordeal and is hoping things turn out for the best.”

However, A$AP Rocky is said to be trying to keep himself and his lovely lady in high spirits during this time, as they await the verdict.

An additional source added:

“Rocky has assured her that it’s all going to work out, but it’s still incredibly stressful. Rihanna trusts Rocky and believes in him but these types of charges are serious and when it comes to court you just never fully know, it’s tough not to worry about it. But no matter what happens one thing that’s for sure is that Rihanna will stand by Rocky, she has his back and supports him all the way.”

We’re hoping that all ends well.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell